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FTMC Jarvis 16.2.31

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    I want android and i only need bump python to this another fork to use krypton addons, i only need know which files need to move, please help me

    in windows was easy, move dll and lib folders to system/python but idk which folders on android pleasee

    On windows i followed that thread, and works ok, but i cant find that folders on android

    Thanks 4 all
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      I would like to know if there is some project for AMCODEC on KODI 18 mediacenter.

      FTMC 16.2.31 is my best option for now because it use DB v17 and works well...

      I use new "test video"(24fps/25fps, h265/h264, 1080p/720p, subtitles):
      SPMC-17.6a2-ed022ef: problem with 720p video AND subtitles
      SPMC-17.6a1-2a41374: problem with subtitles
      SPMC-17.4rc1-5e3c0fc: problem with some hevc video (720p and 1080p)
      [sometime the video stay black... sometime after a forward seek you have to do a backward seek... sometime the video never start again... I have to restart the device !!!]

      SPMC 16.x use db v16 so i don't like it...

      Now I use also KODI 18.x only for what not work on FTMC
      and for smb folder (when I move files on smb directory, with FTMC it copy&delete in many minutes, with KODI18 it really move in 1 second)


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        If your device doesn't support MediaCodec or LibreELEC, it's time to get a new device. No one is making custom Kodi's anymore for devices with broken firmwares.

        Try to use NFS shares instead of SMB, works much faster. There are several guides in Kodi forum for it.

      in theory I agree with you


      -I have a new device with S905X2
      -with my "old" device I used LibreElec, but with this new one there is no LibreElec (YET)
      -it support mediacodec, but with audio passthrough KODI18 have video stuttering on 24fps movie , with FTMC or SPMC 24fps works better, but I have problem with 25fps tvshow...


      I see that AMCODEC works well (it is enabled in some AndroidTV Roms that are in this Forum)

      So AndroidTV+AMCODEC ON in FTMC and the video works well, 24fps, 25fps, h264/h265 , etc... OK

      So, I'm waiting for LibreElec for S905X2, meanwhile I work with what I have...
      FTMC works better that other mediacenter, but is old... so, I make the question.

      Samba with this S905X2 work well...
      In KODI18 I transfer file on 20/30 MB/sec

      But like I say, in FTMC and old KODI version when I move the movie, it copy+delete and make it slower...
      KODI18 correct this and when you move a movie, it move in 1 seconds!



        First off, I like to begin by giving out a big shout out of praise to the devs of FTMC. Have been using it for 2 years on every version of boxes I have. Has been running absolutely flawlessly!

        My opinion is FTMC runs so much better and faster than even Kodi 18.0, everything just pops so fast with no waiting of working wheel like Kodi 18.0.

        Only problem I have now is.. I just bought a new Android box running 9.0. My build still runs great except for the fact when my build first loads I am now getting this error box. However, it is not effecting my build from still running flawlessly? .... Also will there ever be a fork of KODI 18.0 just like FTMC for 16.0/17.0?

        Click image for larger version  Name:	png Views:	3 Size:	152.0 KB ID:	776125
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          FTMC is discontinued and it's also not compatible with Android 9.
          Most Kodi addons also just work with Kodi 18 now that uses updated Python.
          There are so many Android devices that run Kodi 18 flawless now, custom Kodi apps are not needed anymore.

        Thanks for your reply m0123... However I will tend to disagree with you regarding FTMC not compatible with Android 9. FTMC has been running flawlessly running my build on my new Android box running Android 9. Though it is outdated and not supported any longer I still find superior to Kodi 17.6 and Kodi 18.0. I have been running FTMC on every one of my boxes from Android 4.2, 6.0. 8.0 to present 9.0, and FTMC still rocks in my books! :-)

        Have spent the last few hours experimenting using my build in kodi 18.2, 17.6 on all my boxes going back to Android 5.0, including my newest 2 boxes, one running Allwinner H6 4-32GB and X96 Max 4-64GB running S905X2. Also have a box running S912... after hours of playing around I find Kodi 17.6-18.2 very slow and laggy (having to wait 2-4 seconds for the working wheel to load) compared to FTMC. With FTMC and my build very seldom do you ever see the working wheel while loading, everything just pops (very snappy) immediately and plays with no buffering at all! So the latest greatest software isn't always the best I guess.

        Only issue I am having is the native library box that pops up for a second and goes away, doesn't effect anything to do with performance though. Even get the box popping up when I install latest Kodi on my new boxes running Android 8 and 9. Still can't figure that one out. I get Kodi directly from their site?


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          Things like audio passthrough, auto frame-rate switching and certain proprietary video codecs were hardcoded into FTMC(Rockchip & Amlogic versions) and are not compatible with newer Android OS's than Nougat. But if you don't use those things then everything else might still work okay.

        Hi . i use FTMC with my samsung tab 3.8 ,android 4,4,2 , it works fine but has black bars right and left(in external display only) because it is 1280x800. In order to bypass this i must use as external player vlc which fills automatically in 16:9 displays. Has anyone managed to do so , and if yes pls send me the playercorefactory.xml file ? Thanks in advance