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HIMEDIA Q30 Android 7.0 Hi3798MV200 4K TV Box 2GB/8GB WIFI LAN

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    HIMEDIA Q30 Android 7.0 Hi3798MV200 4K TV Box 2GB/8GB WIFI LAN

    Click image for larger version

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    Android 7.0 & Hi3798MV200
    Running Android Nougat 7.0 on Hisilicon Hi3798MV200 processor, a cost-down version of Hi3798CV200 processor with the same CPU,a lower-end Mali-T450 GPU, about the same media capabilities, and less I/Os. Q30 allows to achieve highest performance among the economical Android TV Boxes.

    DDR3 2GB RAM, eMMC 8GB Flash
    It boasts DDR3 2GB RAM, and eMMC 8GB Flash, advantageous in performance, security and reliability, ascribing to the eMMC memory, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience.

    It defines various aspects of ultra-high-definition television (UHDTV) with standard dynamic range (SDR) and wide color gamut (WCG), including picture resolutions, frame rates with progressive scan, bit depths, color primaries, RGB and luma-chroma color representations, chroma subsamplings, and an opto-electronic transfer function

    4K Resolution
    The latest in a line of broadcast and media resolutions, 4K is due to replace 1080p as the highest-resolution signal available for in-home movies and television. With a minimum resolution of 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 pixels high, making it the equivalent to two 1080p screens in height and two in length.
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    Lets have a close look at the HIMEDIA Q30 Android 7.0 Hi3798MV200 4K TV Box 2GB/8GB WIFI LAN

    Himedia Q3

    The Box,

    What's in the Box, good looking remote, and good setup manual.

    Ports, ya full size SD slot.

    Case with Slide out plastic Base with Alloy surround

    PCB Top view

    PCB Under view

    The Bits that make it happen, WiFi, eMMC and Ram

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      Himedia Q30 is a good looking unit, like most of the Himedia range aimed at playing Videos and doing it well.
      Power button, a small blue glow when things are turned on.
      Running Android 7, Simple UI and easy to customise add/remove Favorite Apps from the large fixed looking icons.
      Also Good looking remote I find works excellent. also using K400 Logitech no fuss.

      Key Features
      Android 7.0
      Quadcore HiSilicon Hi3798M V200 Processor with Mali-450 GPU
      2GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of on-board storage
      Strong media playback capabilities including 4K 60fps video decoding for certain codecs
      Built-in b/g/n WiFi for network streaming
      7.1 HD Audio pass-through and down-mix for an improved audio experience on supported hardware

      Hisilicon Hi3798M V200
      Quad-core 64bit Cortex A53 CPU ARM® Mali™-450, Android 7.0 2/8GB
      Full size SD Card Slot, HDMI 2.0, SPDIF, 1 x 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
      WiFi b/g/n (2.4GHz), Ethernet 100Mbps
      Composite Video Audio Output RCA plugs

      The Only downside lack of BT (was advertised earlier as having)
      2.4Ghz WiFi and 10/100 LAN. need some speed here, me thinks.
      2/8GB just enough but more is always better I find.

      Easy Startup, Google setup, download and install Apps, all good.
      Has Lower Navigation Bar no Upper, No Root access on this model.

      UI I find is easy, the Internal Player would just about play all 4k Demos, DTS 5.1 and 7.1 and that is what it does well.
      Plugged a USB ext HDD and played many demo's pretty good.
      Users Wrapper in Kodi if required

      Lets have a loot at UI, Information and some benchmarks for those interested.
      Some interesting and extra settings to be found

      UI and Installed Apps

      Lower Nav Bar, Menu button on remote to change shortcuts

      Settings part 1 (Himedia style)

      Settings part 2, (A7 style) lots of Goodies, Video setup, Samba service etc (12 frames @4.5sconds each)

      DRM Info L1

      Ram and Storage Truth,



      AIDA64 OS and Devises only

      Geekbench CPU >

      Geekbench Compute

      A1SD Bench

      I think you will find the Himedia Q30 is an attempt to make a cheaper unit as compared to their other Bigger units
      The Q30 is not the cheap either, however has some good features and does what it should pretty well.
      Thanks to Gearbest..
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        Updated Firmware:

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