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U5 set-top Android TV OS upgrade support plan (ATV9 news)

U5 set-top Android TV OS upgrade scheduled

Hello ? It's EddyLab.

It seems that the maximum heat ever backed up, and the weather has warmed up. ^^

Did you spend well with the U5 settop during the hottest summer break?

I can not think of where to go during this hot summer vacation,

I just stayed at "Bangkok" at home.

The U5 set-top is preparing to move from the ATV7 version to the ATV8 version.

U5team basic operation verification has been done,
first of all Google TV version of Google Android 8

You are making a lot of effort.

Google Android TV official authentication

You have to pass a SW quality check called a CTS test.

After testing and passing this CTS by itself,

Actually, Google is asking for a formal certification test,

If you pass the official test on Google, you will become a Google Certified Product.

The important point here is that you
only have to use the official Google app that will be used only on the official Android TV in order to pass the CTS test .

Therefore, in fact, in the official Android TV OS,
you can not but take out the 3'rd party player app like media center.

To become an official Google certified settop,

It looks like it will be different from the current U5 settop.


Today U5 Android set-top TV OS one gave it to deliver upgrades related news

according to a company news Hisilicon (hisilicon) Main Chipset
current set-top U5 Has been informed that the version of Android TV 9 will be officially supported for the CV200 chipset .

I mentioned for a moment about the new product from Himedia, the developer of Q10Pro,

The Android 9 SDK on the CV200 chipset will be released several months later.

Once the Chipset SDK is released, it
means that support will be available depending on when the settop developer will proceed. ^^

Thus according to the development schedule of the U5team,

ATV8, ATV9 upgrade support will be possible.

The CV200 main chipset starts with the ATV5 version,

In addition, since ATV8 and 9 versions can be supported in the future,

Life cycle is very long ~ ~ than the product has become. ㅎㅎ ㅎㅎ

I do not know when I will be able to meet the ATV9 version,
but I think I can look forward to it anyway. ^^

And, the U5 settop secondary tool schedule is

Week 7 September ( we will be happy to put up a notice on Friday).