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DualBoot (android 4.4.2 consoleos - Windows 8.1)

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    DualBoot (android 4.4.2 consoleos - Windows 8.1)

    Installation is simple ( in ZBOX ).

    android 4.4.2 consoleos is good, but :

    - in mode UEFI
    - No sound via HDMI, use jack 3.5
    - ethernet works, but with cable usb/ethernet ( no gigabit )

    Otherwise, everything seems to work fine.

    Personally, I find that the GPU, works best with DuOS.

    After all my testing, now I'll stay with :

    - Windows 8.1 in SSD
    - DuOS in Windows 8.1 ( very fantastique )
    - OpenElec 5.0.5 installed in key USB 3

    I stickied this for now. Thanks for sharing.

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      At the moment Console OS is "under construction"... Here you will find a list of the already supported devices ... Because of the actual state of developing, most devices (at best case) only supports WiFi but no LAN (and it seams it needs 64-Bit-UEFI)... But because of the native OpenGL-Support you should also be able to play e.g. Android games... In the future it may should also be possible to switch (without a reboot) between Windows and Android apps (we will see )...

      At the moment maybe it's a better idea to use Emulators like AMIDuOS which are discussed here
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        I search an DUAL OS mini PC with Android, and Win.
        I searching on Aliexpress.
        What do you suggest?
        Wintel W8, Ainol mini PC ii, Mickal Mini PC, or an other from other store?