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VORKE V1 Plus Intel Apollo Lake J3455 4G RAM 64GB SSD AC WIFI Gig LAN Bt4.0 HDMI & VGA USB3.0 - Black

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    Originally posted by trebor View Post
    FT will take care of your avatar, to know who they are talking to
    Users can also ask questions if they have problems if things are not going as expected or advertised.

    Nice to have a active member again from Geekbuying on the Forum this will help users a lot with shipping and warranty issues that may arise.

    Enjoy your stay.
    Got it. thanks for your ideas. i will try my best to help.


      For anybody that wants the drivers for V1 Plus, although they are available on their own website, you have to unzip a few things to get at what you want, so I have done all the extracting and then zipped them all up into a neater package.!WwoxWQgJ!FSTFHeHddmpwer5SecVaD_IK1wOC8yzF6z5KJFs DqS4

      Around 675Mb in compressed size and when extracted, somewhere around 1.4Gb.
      MXIII-G II, Chuwi Hibox, Nvidia Shield, NUC6CAYH


        Just restup box with new windows10. no drivers required,
        WIn10 had the smarts and found it all, and finding this more so with Windows10 than previous.
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          VORKE V1 R1 remote is on!

          ny VORKE V1 or V1 PLUS with BIOS version 0.9 X64 EC Version 1.0 shall work with it directly without any further configuration.

          Let`s proceed to details:

          1. Please keep pressing the F7 key when turning on the VORKE V1 or VORKE V1 PLUS and you will enter the following picture, select Enter Setup and press the Enter Key.

          2. Please check BIOS Version, if it is the latest 0.9 X64 EC Version 1.0, you can use control the device with VORKE R1 IR remote directly. If the version number is lower than this, you will have to upgrade it.

          3. Download the BIOS file from address:, extract the file to get Vorke_V1_Plus_B0.9_E1.0 folder, copy the file to the U disk, and then insert the U disk into the Mini PC, press the power button and keep pressing F7 key, then you will enter the following picture, select UEFI: Built-in EFI Shell and press Enter key.

          4. Find the exact U disk drive you just inserted, enter the VORKE_V1_PLUS_B0.9_E1.0 file, press “F” to upgrade the BIOS. When the upgrade completes, the Mini PC will shut down automatically. You gets the following commands: fs2:cd VORKE_V1_PLUS_B0.9_E1.0 f.

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            Is there a way to control the fan speed in Linux? It seems that it rotates at full speed.


              Greetings to trebor and Lily. Thansk for an excellent writeup on a great product. New to the Intel mini PC, so kindly excuse the newbie questions:

              1. Most of the Intel mini PC use the 32GB emmc memory. Isn't the 64GB SD used in the Vorke a lot faster?
              2. What would be a good 128GB msata SSD for upgrade?
              3. Is there a guide on reinstalling the OS and activation on the new SSD? Where can I find links to the drivers and OS?
              4. IS there anythng in the near horison worth waiting for (perhasp 8GB ram or higher specs cpu) before placing the order?
              5. Would the J3455 considered to be a more powerful cpu than rockchip rk3399?
              6. Whihc of two has an advantage in terms of 4k video decoding, especially when using Kodi?
              and finally,
              7. Are the new batches of V1 still plagued with heat sink issue?

              Many thanks and best regards,
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                Hi goop

                1. Its about space not so much speed (msata are fast) pay more for faster
                2. What your budget can afford, Samsung
                3. Guides all over the Internet, basically boot of USB stick with Win10 ISO, point to new drive fro install, Divers should be found on the Vorke website,
                3a. Get a backup of you Win10 Key Click last one Product Key view:
                3b. Backup your drivers using DD Click I recall Windows gets all, backup is good
                4. Always bigger and better around the corner...Click
                5. Each have there own unique qualities
                6. As Above
                7. Mine appears OK
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                  Thanks for the kind reply, Trebor.

                  1. Is the heatsink of you sample attached to the cpu directly or using a thermal pad? And runs at 63 degress under stree without turning on the fan?
                  2. Regarding OS activation, I've read OEM pc such as the V1 does not come with any retail key, and uses a different mechanism for activation. If reinstalled the OS would not be activated by whatever key that's read off the PC. Is this ture?
                  3. Would a normal 9.5mm SSD fit without leaving a gap at the base cover?
                  4. According to CNX, "...Apollo Lake processors only support HDMI 1.4 natively, and while HDMI 2.0 is possible, it requires an external DP to HDMI 2.0 converter, which won’t be needed in Gemini Lake processors..." Is this the case for V1?.

                  Many thanks and best regards,

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                    1. Long time ago to recall Heat Sink, I did not pull it down all the way to check. fan was not that annoying I recall, Nothing wrong with Thermal PAD.

                    2. As long as you have a the Key for that box you should have no problem.

                    3. I have an SSD in the First Model Vorke 1 Samsung Normal (6mm) no problem, closer to 10mm older style HDD may, also it will increase power consumption few watts and add more heat.


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                      Thanks again for the kind reply, Trebor.

                      1. Would it be better to wait for the Gemini chip with its built-in HDMI 2.0 support and more powerful UHD 600 GPU offering better all round video decoding performance?
                      2. Does Vorke have any Gemini box similar to the V1 plus in the pipeline? The new fanless Mele PCG37 looks very tempting.

                      Many thanks and best regards,


                        Waiting could be good but as mentioned,
                        4. Always bigger and better around the corner
                        Depend on your needs and of course the almighty $$ available at the time of purchase, and if you have cash to splash

                        Not sure what their Time line with new product, when it shows its available normally...

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                          Attached is a recording of fan noise taken from a redskull review of the V1 Plus.

                          By combining 2 sata ports and a free OS, V1 Plus has the potential to be a real winner. The challenge is to make it quiet, a task which I hope the engineers at Vorke will devote more effort to.
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                            The fan noise on my v1 plus was unacceptable.I could hear the fan in the next room reaching 61db at full spin (Witch is most of the time)others reported this too..

                            May be our units were just bad ones as Trebor said his was ok.
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                                hello.I finally received my vorke!I am quite enthusiazised!I have one question though please.Why free storage is 52 of 64 gb?And why with latest windows updates,I have just 16 of 52 gb free?wtf!maybe there is something from system to delete?