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ACEPC AK1 Mini PC - Intel Celeron J3455 Windows10 4GB DDR3 + 32GB eMMC 1000M LAN BT4.0

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    Originally posted by trebor View Post
    Windows should pick them all up ok i think you will find
    i am experiencing some bsod and I think is from drivers maybe I don't know, that's why I I 've requested the drivers intel driver update utility doesn't pick up nothing reports

    (Oops, something went wrong while trying to scan. Please try again)
    idle temps are

    Core 0 1993.9 MHz x 20.0 99.7 MHz 71 ?C
    Core 1 1495.4 MHz x 15.0 99.7 MHz 69 ?C
    Core 2 1495.4 MHz x 15.0 99.7 MHz 72 ?C
    Core 3 2093.6 MHz x 21.0 99.7 MHz 70 ?C

    i am in a pickle, cant think what else can I do, any help will be appreciated


      Over heat ?

      What Version Windows ?
      It can be so many things
      Recent Update or installed software maybe ?

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        windows 10 home
        overheating i wouldnt say so for this machines the go high allright 78-85 and drops back down to 60-63 celsious with the stock fan.
        fresh windows install nothing else installed.