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Beelink GTI Intel Core i5-8259U 3.8GHz iris 655 Graphics

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    Beelink GTI Intel Core i5-8259U 3.8GHz iris 655 Graphics

    Beelink GTI Intel Core i5-8259U 3.8GHz 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Licensed Windows 10 Mini PC
    Intel® UHD Iris plus 655 HDMI [email protected] DP 1.2 [email protected] Type C WIFI 6 Bluetooth RJ45*2 Supports M.2 SSD 2.5inch HDD

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Beelink-GTI-i5-8260U-8G-RAM-512G-Windows10-Mini-PC-426812-0.jpg Views:	67 Size:	107.1 KB ID:	819749

    The Beelink GTI is a powerful Windows 10 mini PC with entertainment, gaming, and productivity features designed for both Home and Office use. Whether it's built to create content or look at photos with 4K UHD graphics for picture perfect entertainment, the Beelink GTI Mini PC gives great visual immersion with Intel® UHD Graphics 620 and the unprecedented performance of the Intel® Core™ i5-8259U processor.

    Compact in size though, it has room for a 2.5" HDD and Dual memory Channels expandable to 32 GB maximum, performance improved dramatically in media loading, opening large media files and completing daily tasks. The Beelink GTI comes with 8GB/16GB DDR4 memory options and you are also able to to pick from the 256GB/512GB storage variant. Whether editing photos, streaming media, or setting up a Server, the Beelink GTI Mini PC will deliver the features you want—in a size that fits easily into any lifestyle and any room in the house.

    The Beelink GTI has chassis that are connectivity powerhouses. It sports 6 USB 3.0 ports to bolster productivity for moving big media files around and providing room for peripherals. Moreover, there's room for an M.2 SSD, Type-C, 2 LAN, an HDMI* 1.4b for [email protected] and a DP 1.2 for [email protected] displays. With the ability to have triple displays all in 4K, photos, videos, and streaming media are all picture perfect.

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    Thanks to our friends at Beelink to today we can have a close look at their New
    GTI Intel Core i5-8259U 3.8GHz 16GB RAM 512GB SSD.
    Ideal Soho Mini PC, should have enuff Bang for the buck, Media, Internet, Iris 655 graphics Ok for some gaming etc,
    Small Compact hang it on the back of your monitor to easy.
    Let's have a look see at what we have

    The Box

    In the Box we have:
    A few items of Interest:
    19VDC 3amp Power Plug Pack
    Short and Long HDMI cable
    SSD mounting cable
    Vesa type Bracket and Screws
    General Multi language Instructions
    General use and Upgrading Ram/SSD/M2

    Ports Front:
    Few Goodies Here:
    Built in Microphone ( G'day Cortana)
    Power Button
    Reset Cmos incase you over adjust and need it back to normal.
    USB 3 by 2 ports
    Headset/Microphone socket
    USB C

    Ports Rear
    More Goodies,
    Vents,also on the side
    Power Socket
    2 Ethernet
    HDMI and DisplayPort
    USB 3 by 2 ports
    USB 2 by 2 ports

    Remove the base:

    Remove the cover
    Options to Upgrade Ram to 64gb this unit has 16gb
    1 x NVME 2280 512gb
    Place for a M2 sata type

    Far as we go up close and personal
    Layout looks good as does th hardware.

    Available at all good places and most likely others that sell this type of stuff

    More soon or later

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      what approx. price ?


        Would depend on the spec purchased as it comes in Various flavours or Ram and HDD etc
        Google would be your friend or try
        Beenlink ALI
        Beenlink Amazon
        Many other places pending your location
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          Has anyone played with a late release of Intel 11th gen architecture. I am amazed with the i5 on the light notebooks. Not much to them and run on PCI-e 4.0 the new CPU has direct ports to LDDRX4 memory and has the pci and Thunderbolt bus internal. The graphic controller can do 8k or two 4ki displays, along with the lcd display. The 12th gen, code named Rocket Lake will make the 11th gen chips cheap enough to replace the previous i5 offerings. Windows 10 boots from cold no cache or hyberation within 10 seconds, and that is with just adding a NVMe 4.0 980 pro to a mid range laptop. Plus you can run games in 1080p 60hz @32bit depth on the Iris Xe unified graphics chip, which the box won't do. Give me a Rocket Lake box, and boom no Xbox for you!


            Unit I received is an Intel i5 8259U...but advertising is pointing to a 8260U
            i linked or made reference to 8260U as the box I have and you can see it on the front it mentions cpu:8259

            GTI i5-8260U,

            GTI i5 8259U

            The Differences, you can compare the two

            Anyways Let's Continue with Intel GT CORE i5 startup, a bit of Deja vu moment with the initial setup etc

            Much the same well exactly the same,
            Start up all good as Expected
            Beenlink have this Windows Install and startup under control.

            Typical Windows New install, asking all the questions
            Connecting to Internet etc, Location, Keyboard layout all the usual stuff.
            You have control(mostly)on what happens to your PC when it starts with questions asked.

            Found both WiFi and Ethernet Good speeds as expected no surprises

            Yes I copied the previous i3 start text, not much to add, Plug it in switch it on tell it to do it it does, all very deja vu

            Lets update first to the Latest and Greatest

            We cleaned the Desktop/Start Menu as usual removed the junk (stuff I don't Use or need)

            Device Manager: lets see what we have

            Hard DisK info:


            GPU Info:

            CPU: Info

            Hardware info

            CPU-Z .gif

            Can Never have too much Info:
            Aida64: GPU

            Aida64 CPU:

            AIDA64: Stress Time: Waiting for it to happen.

            AIDA64: 5 minutes in

            AIDA64: After 10 minutes: not a lot happening and cool Down

            Making it work with AIDA64:

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