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Beelink Z83 review

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    Beelink Z83 review

    A spanish review of Beelink Z83:
    The interesting part is that there is no USB 3.0 port(or it operates at USB 2.0 speeds only).

    Physically it looks as though it is a USB 3.0 port and perhaps it is and just needs a better driver installing as I have found on some of my Windows machines that drivers can have a massive effect on the true performance.

    Good to see that the AC is 12v/2a, which rules out any possibility of not being able to support multiple devices connected at the same time as seems apparent with the likes of the Tronsmart Ara X5.

    I saw that the Beelink branding is also again being used on one,despite no such model existing on their website.

    The inclusion of a VESA bracket and the 2 different length HDMI cables are nice touches.
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      Can anyone confirm usb3 on this thing ?

      It's currently selling for 87$, which is a great price considering it suppost to have gigabit ethernet and usb3.0.


        Originally posted by csgabe View Post
        .. no USB 3.0 port(or it operates at USB 2.0 speeds only).
        And no dual band wifi as advertised .

        BTW This "Beelink Z83" has some serious heating issues (the spanish review also underlines that) according to