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    Beelinks New Gemini X MINI PC Sereis

    Intel Gemini lake energy-saving office artifact:Beelink Gemini X MINI PC review

    June 25, 2018

    Intel released a new ultra-low-power Atom Gemini lake processor. The launch of the Gemini lake processor is an upgrade of the Apollo lake processor. Intel's processor for low-power applications did not “squeeze toothpaste” as it did before. Instead, it was a brand-new upgrade..The performance of each specification is greatly enhanced

    Gemin lake processor is divided into two series, J series for Desktop products, as long as the performance, processor frequency 1.5G-2.8G.N series for Mobile mainly reflect the low-power processor frequency 1.1G-2.7G. There are some important specification upgrades. Please check the details specifications on the Intel official website

    A: Processor's secondary cache is upgraded to 4M, and Intel's eighth-generation Kaby R I3-8130U secondary cache is also 4M;

    B: The graphics card was upgraded to Graphics 605 and the frequency was upgraded to 800MHz. Intel eighth generation Kaby R I3-8130U graphics Graphics 620, frequency 1000MHz.

    C: Memory is upgraded to DDR 4 2400MHz, the same as Intel's eighth-generation Kaby R I3-8130U/I5-8250U;

    D: The display interface supports dual HDMI 2.0a 60Hz with a resolution of 4096*2160P 4K. Specifications same as Intel's eighth-generation Kaby R I3-8130U/I5-8250U;

    E: The video codec supports H.265 10bit, VP9 10bit,
    With the upgrading of such important specifications, some of the specifications are already the same as those of I3/I5, and there will be a qualitative leap in performance. The Gemini lake processor will become an important member of the low-power MINI PC family, and it will also better meet the needs of users in the office and home entertainment.

    1 We have been fortunate to get the Beelink Gemini X Series MINI PC, The performance of Intel Gemini Lake processor is tested in detail.

    First Specification
    There are 3 versions of the Beelink Gemini X series, as follows: INTEL Gemini lake Pentium and Celeron processors are used. Please check the form
    Gemini lake X45 Basic
    Gemini lake X45 premium
    Gemini lake X55 ultimate
    INTEL Gemini lake Celeron J4105
    INTEL Gemini lake Celeron J4105
    INTEL Gemini lake
    Pentium J5005
    4GB LPDDR4/2400M/HZ
    6GB LPDDR4/2400M/HZ
    8GB LPDDR4/2400M/HZ
    On Board 3D EMMC FLASH
    mSATA port expand
    128GB SSD
    mSATA port expand
    128GB SSD
    Intel® HD Graphics 600
    Intel® HD Graphics 600
    Intel® HD Graphics 605
    Graphics Frequency
    1.5G, UP to 2.5Ghz
    1.5G, UP to 2.5Ghz
    1.5G, UP to 2.8Ghz
    Level 2 4MB
    Level 2 4MB
    Level 2 4MB
    Both the Basic and Premium use the Gemini lake Celeron J4105 processor.
    The difference is in memory and storage.
    The basic of the standard storage is On Board 3D EMMC Flash. Users can expand Msata's standard SDD and SATA 3.0 standard mechanically hard disks.
    Premium of memory increased to 6G, storage is using Msata 128G SSD, the user's own expansion SATA 2.5-inch technology hard drive.

    The Ultimate version of the CPU is upgraded to the Pentium J5005 with a frequency of up to 2.8G and comes standard with 8G of memory. Storage Msata 128G SDD is also standard, Users can expand their own SATA 2.5-inch mechanical hard drives

    2、Second appearance

    The middle frame and the bottom shell are made of metal aluminum, which can increase the heat dissipation without losing the high-end atmosphere. The size is very small, 115MM*102MM*43MM, It’s belonging the extremely product in the Mini PC.

    3、Three WIFI antenna design

    It is well known that metal has a shielding effect on WIFI signals. Gemini X solves this problem very well. The top shell is made of transparent plastic and direct acrylic cover. The WIFI antenna is mounted directly on the luminaire and then the acrylic panel is installed. There is no effect on WIFI.

    4、Fourth rich interface

    Two HDMI 2.0a, output 4K image resolution, supports simultaneous display of different task modes. So that we can work and deal with other tasks at the same time. Four USB 3.0 interfaces can basically meet the needs of customers. Others also support Gigabit LAN, Audio R L/MIC.

    5、Storage expansion

    Gemini X stores three configurations, namely 64G/128G/128G. If you want to expand the storage of a larger capacity, you can configure the 2.5-inch mechanical hard disk 1T/2T by yourself. The mechanical hard disk is used only for storage and is not used as a system startup driver. Doesn’t affect the performance of the machine. However, the 2.5-inch hard disk is not a standard configuration and requires the customer to purchase and install it. The customer's own installation design is quite simple, only need to remove the bottom shell, install the hard disk on the bottom shell, and connect the data cable.


    The accessories on the Gemini X come standard with two HDMI data cables, which can be used in two environments: one is to use the device on the desktop, and the HDMI cable is 80MM. The second is to install the device to the back of the monitor through the bracket, then use the 30MM data cable. This ergonomic design also reflects Beelink mini PC's customer-centric philosophy.

    After introducing the overall machine, I test the performance of the machine

    PC mark10
    PC mark is use for office performance testing software, such as web browsing, Office software, PS, pictures and video processing, VP9 216P4K video.

    Let's take a look at the results of the three configurations.

    Gemini X45(4G+64G)

    Gemini X45(6G+128G)

    Gemini X55(8G+128G)

    3D MARK
    Gemini X45(4G+64G)

    Gemini X45(6G+128G)

    Gemini X55(8G+128G)

    Storage speed test

    From the above test data, it is known that the GeminiX Basic Edition Onboard 64G 3D EMMC flash reads and writes slower than the advanced 128G SSD. The read/write speed of the mechanical hard disk is 76MB/s, the read/write speed of the basic version is quadruple that of the mechanical hard disk, and the read/write speed of the advanced version is 6.3 times that of the mechanical hard disk. With the speed of these solid-state SSDs, there is no case of stalling in office documents and video.

    GeminiX uses On Board 3D EMMC FLASH and solid-state SSD flash. It doesn’t use cheaper 2D flash. It does consider the use of office environment. It is the same as INTEL's promotion of Ao Teng's solid-state SSD.

    Heat dissipation/power consumption

    Heat dissipation is a problem that all computers will face. High temperature machines will cause various problems. Intle designs the CPU and protects the CPU. If the temperature is higher than the safe value, the CPU will automatically reduce the frequency, but this will affect The performance of the device, all heat dissipation is a crucial part. The INTEL Gemini lake J series is designed for a maximum power consumption of 10W, which is 5W less than the INTEL's eight generation Kaby R I3/I5. The thermal design of the Gemini X product is a pure copper fin plus a fan for active cooling. The heat generated by the CPU is introduced into the copper through the copper sheet, and the fan is used to take the heat away from the air to achieve fan heat.
    There are two technical indicators of heat dissipation, thermal conductivity and heat dissipation coefficient. The GeminiX uses copper as the heat-conducting medium and the heat dissipation uses the fan to actively dissipate heat. Both of these are the best heat dissipation solutions

    Temperature test

    Test environment: The Intel thermal Analysis tool tool runs at full load and the hard drive reads simultaneously
    Temperature result: 73 degrees Celsius
    With such a small MINI PC, this temperature effect is well controlled.


    On the GeminiX, notebook heat dissipation was used. The CPU was heavily loaded and the sound was measured at a distance of 10 cm from the PC, which was about 57 dB.

    Although our products use desktop-class CPUs and notebook cooling methods, they do not emit the kind of low-pitched hum of notebooks. Even at full load, the sound is still very low. The contrasting ambient sounds are only With a rise of about 7dB, the fan's noise is almost negligible and will not cause any impact on the user.


    MINI PC is very petite in product design, which also allows it to adapt to more use of the environment, very easy to carry, Due to the restriction of size, many consumers are worried about their performance. However, we can see from the test that our Gemini X is still excellent in terms of performance.Although it can't be compared with traditional desktop computers, it doesn't lose to some laptop products on the market. Therefore, users don’t have to feel for our product performance concern, because it is fully able to meet the daily needs of users, whether it is home audio and video entertainment, or daily mobile office, are fully able to support, but also has a notebook does not have low power consumption, low temperature and low noise.

    Beelink X series became the first main office hardware of the Beelink brand Intel min pc, which is expected to ship by the end of June.
    More news at any time concerned about the official website:

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    We also prepare a cool promotion to support those cool items, welcome to take a look


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      Just confirmed by Beelink official center, the Gemini X series based on the Intel Gemini lake Processors is the Gemini lake X45 and Gemini lake X55 Mini PC product that perfectly supports the latest Ubuntu 18.04 system without the need for other complicated operations, just as simple as installing the Win 10 system. It’s a extremely exciting news, I believe it is also the gospel of Linux lovers.

      For those who like to toss Linux systems, they all know the Ubuntu system, which not only has the security features of the open source system, but also has a beautiful UI that rivals the Apple system, which has become an open source system that can compete with Windows and Mac OS for the market unique advantages. Due to the open source nature of Ubuntu system, there are many Linux enthusiasts who have modified several versions of Ubuntu according to their own needs. Among them, lubuntu, xubuntu and kubuntu are among the best works.
      The Ubuntu 18.04 version, code-named "Bionic Beaver," is the first long-term supported version of the popular Linux-based Ubuntu operating system for two years. This version has 5 years of support and updates from Canonical. This is one of the biggest support – you won't need to upgrade again until the next decade!
      For those who upgraded from 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04, it is arguably the most changed version of Ubuntu in the near future.
      Almost every part of the operating system is different, with improvements or new features. A new desktop, new kernel, new apps, new lock screens, new workflows, and more, so if you feel that the next few Ubuntu versions are missing in the functional department – ​​it's not yours feel– then you will feel: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS upgrades are enough to give you a long-lasting impression. After all, we are talking about the most popular, arguably the most famous desktop Linux distribution. Ubuntu's bold changes have had a huge impact on millions of open source enthusiasts around the world.
      So let's take a look at the long-awaited new features of the latest Ubuntu 18.04 system installed on the Mini PC of the Beelink Gemini X series.

      SHENZHEN AZW TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established in 2010 in Shenzhen,China Futian,specializing in home entertainment equipment (DONGEL,BOX,remote control,game consoles,home cloud,one machine,MINPC) product definition,development,production and sales. Our company's own brand as "Beelink".


        New installation features

        The first major change will only be noticed when installing Ubuntu 18.04. 'The new minimal installation gives you the same operating system, but with fewer installed apps.' Installing Ubuntu has never been easier, but in Bionic, the experience is faster and easier. Several options that were previously distributed across multiple screens are now concentrated in one window.
        The new option includes a new "minimum install" that installs the same Ubuntu operating system and doesn’t have most of the software that is usually included. You will get a web browser, file manager and basic tools. Everything else has disappeared. Ubuntu created Swap files instead of Swap partitions during the installation process. This change doesn’t affect existing installations and works for meaningful systems (that is, most). This change helps improve system performance.

        Ubuntu runs the wizard for the first time

        Every user of Ubuntu 18.04, a new installation and upgrade will usher in a new first-run wizard called "Welcome to Ubuntu."

        This tool doesn’t use a companion application like Ubuntu MATE Welcome, which successfully completes the following tasks:
        a) For you (and others) the speed of the new desktop, and
        b) opt-in Some additional features:

        GNOME Shell Desktop Guide
        Livepatch can be enabled to install kernel updates without rebooting
        Helping improve Ubuntu by enabling anonymous system diagnostics
        Snap application overview

        GNOME Shell desktop environment
        Among all the changes in 18.04, most people will be concerned about the changes: the new desktop environment. The GNOME Shell is more streamlined,cleaner instead of Unity desktop
        Since 2010, the native Unity version of the desktop has been helping Ubuntu to consolidate its visibility and shape its personality. Instead, it's a leaner, cleaner, and more modern GNOME Shell desktop.

        Ubuntu developers have made some adjustments to the GNOME Shell to accommodate users upgrading from the final LTS version and Unity desktop:

        Ubuntu's customization includes the desktop launcher on the left (appears and works much like the old Unity launcher) and supports the application indicator in the system tray in the top right corner, similar to Unity.

        The keyboard-friendly HUD (Head-Up Display) and global menu disappeared; and when you turn on, you couldn't search for the "Dash" equivalent. The workspace is now implemented using a separate screen ('Activities'), which also provides an overview of the presentation of all open windows.
        You will also notice that the window control is now re displayed on the right side and many keyboard shortcuts have changed

        GNOME Shell 3.28 desktop, a layout similar to Unity Combined calendar and message tray
        No HUD or global menu, Window control on the right, Better notification


          This isn’t just a coverage layout that changes due to desktop switching. Ubuntu 18.04 handles desktop notifications differently than Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and notifications are now displayed in the upper center of the screen.
          Also includes more features. Now you can turn off alerts, "click" them to the app, and some notifications will provide an "action" button, such as a convenient online response.
          You will not miss the notification when you are away from the desktop. All unprocessed notifications are now stored in the calendar and message tray so you don't miss them.
          New login and lock screen

          The GNOME Display Manager (GDM3) takes over the login and lock screen responsibilities from LightDM and Unity Greeter.

          In general, the login screen is more or less the same, although remote login or guest login is not supported, and the login screen no longer displays a "personalized" wallpaper for each account.

          To switch between different desktop sessions that have been installed (such as the optional Wayland Technology Preview), simply click on the gear on the login screen, select the session and log in. Sessions are kept between logins, so once the test is complete, you will remember to switch back to another.

          Improved settings app

          The system setup application used in Ubuntu has been changed from Unity Control Center to GNOME settings. It has a wider, cleaner, and more organized design that navigates from the sidebar.

          You can also search for options in the name settings within the app or search in the app screen. If you want to upload as expected, you can install the vanilla GNOME desktop from the Software app.

          You can access a bunch of neat features, including:
          "Night Lights" – heat your display after sunset to promote natural sleep mode
          New screen keyboard – OSK looks and works better than Onboard
          Media player controls in the message tray – support Rhythmbox, Spotify, etc.
          Wacom Graphics Improvements - Now it's easier to use GNOME's input devices

          Major software update

          Every Ubuntu 18.04 download comes preloaded with a bunch of very useful software. The latest versions of the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Thunderbird email client are available.

          Powerful LibreOffice 6 office software

          And photography enthusiasts can get a series of improvements in the Shotwell Photo Manager.
          Calendar is another great core GNOME app that comes with Ubuntu. In Bionic, the calendar app can now display weather forecasts for scheduled events with locations. The app also improved the "month" view layout.

          Ubuntu software has thousands of free apps. With the inclusion of the Snap Store, Bionic Beaver also provides a solid foundation for timely application of updated critical software.
          Ubuntu's 'Snapcraft Store' already has a variety of big-name software, including powerful LibreOffice, browser Firefox, and Chromium, Skype and Spotify.
          The Ubuntu software application allows easy switching between Snap applications between different channels.
          Some utilities, desktop calculators and system monitor tools are pre-installed as Snap applications. This shouldn't have much impact (and should be allowed to be updated independently of the main operating system), but they won't "integrate" with third-party GTK themes.

          New kernel Linux Kernel 4.15
          The core of Ubuntu 18.04 is the Linux kernel 4.15. As you would expect, this brings a lot of new and improved hardware support to the bionic beaver. This helps the latest peripherals, keyboards, graphics cards and USB devices “out of the box” and improves the processing and performance of other devices.
          The Linux 4.15-based Ubuntu Linux kernel also provides secure memory encryption support on AMD hardware, improved power management for systems with SATA link power management, and support for the Linux security module stack – and the entire stack.
          Ubuntu 18.04– Sump up

          Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is an excellent performance update.
          With the modern appeal of the NOME Shell desktop, Snaps can provide rapid software updates anytime, anywhere, with the Gemini X series Mini PC as a hardware carrier for better overall performance.

          In short, the features of Ubuntu 18.04 are as follows:
          New GNOME Shell desktop
          ‘Minimum’ installation option
          Linux Kernel 4.15
          Access capture application
          Support for color emoji
          Updated app,
          LibreOffice 6.1
          Set the capture application by default
          New "to do" application
          Python 3.6
          New installation defaults to using Swap files
          Optional Wayland Callback

          Get the downloaded Ubuntu 18.04 system image:

          Beelink Gemini X Series Mini PC Install Ubuntu18.04 System Tutorial Link:

          For more information, visit the Beelink website :

          SHENZHEN AZW TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established in 2010 in Shenzhen,China Futian,specializing in home entertainment equipment (DONGEL,BOX,remote control,game consoles,home cloud,one machine,MINPC) product definition,development,production and sales. Our company's own brand as "Beelink".


            Gemini X series products are on sale again

            Hi all
            Previously, due to the shortage of Gemini Lake CPU, the Gemini X series of machines have been out of stock for a long time and recently received the Gemini Lake series CPU supply, so our Gemini X series products will be re-sold next week, at Amazon Beelink official store can be purchased, interested users can view the purchase.

            Users who don't know Gemini X can view the product specifications in the table or view the information in the link. Now the SSD maximum specification has been increased to 512G, with 4M L2 cache and 4K 60FPS support.
            Model Beelink Gemini X55
            Processor (SoC) Intel Pentium Silver J5005 4 core
            Up to 2.8 GHz (TDP 10W)
            GPU Intel HD Graphics 605
            Cooling Cooling fan
            RAM 8 GB DDR4-2133
            Disk MSATA slot Install 512 GB SSD in mSATA slot
            SATA port 6 Gb / s and 2.5" drive bay (up to 9 mm)
            USB 4 x USB 3.0
            Network Wi-Fi Intel Wireless-AC 3165,
            802.11a / b / g / n / ac,
            MIMO 1x1 Gigabit Ethernet
            Bluetooth 4.2
            Mini PCIe / M.2 1 mini PCIe (half size)
            Video output 2 x HDMI 2.0a
            Sound Intel HD Audio via HDMI Realtek ALC269
            Combined headphone audio output and microphone audio input
            Power supply 12 V / 24 W (DC 5.5 x 2.1)
            System Licensed Windows 10 Home

            Beelink Official shop:

            Product information page:


            For those unfamiliar with Beelink products, you can visit the Beelink website to view detail information:
            Beelink official website:
            Beelink order:

            If you want to order our machines in bulk or become a Beelink distributor, please contact our Foreign trade sales as follow. We will offer discounts and customized services.
            Contact information
            Email: [email protected]

            For more information, please pay attention to Beelink's official website!
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