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Advanced BIOS settings for the Meegopad T02

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    Advanced BIOS settings for the Meegopad T02

    I have seen this video on youtube.

    Is it possible to get this bios settings on the meegopad t02 too, because the bios settings with the stock t02 bios a very limited

    I have to enable the turbo mode (you see in this option in the video in the 10th second)

    I realy want the advanced BIOS settings on the T02 - please help!

    Unless the "Power Technology" setting is off by default, the kernel driver's governor will override the rest of the settings once the OS is booted.
    Under Windows I think you should be able to tell in cpuz if SpeedStep is available. In linux, cpufreq-info lets you know the frequencies of the different cores and the governor used (performance\power saving).
    Note: I'm seeing "maximum transition latency: 0.97 ms" with power saving. So, from the moment a demanding process is executed to the time it takes to scale up the frequencies, it takes an extra 1 ms... So using performance mode will be pretty pointless and will just waste power and shorten the cpu life on my T01.

    Btw, if you want to take a look and see the defaults the bios boots with you can use Intel's BITS:
    I haven't tested it myself but the description suggests it should let you know how Turbo Mode is set on boot time.