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Heatsink modding

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    Originally posted by Clearsky View Post
    Anyone know where to get some 5mm thick thermal pads in Aus? Or at least somewhere that ships to Aus? Everything tends to be >1.5mm
    why dont u buy 2*2,5mm or 3*1,5mm, they work just fine


      Gees... why didn't I think of that?


        I have made simple and cheap mod for x7s, time needed is under 10 minutes, and price for all items you need is 8-9 USD

        First order this two things:



        Now, silicone pad is too big, so you cut it to cover mainboard on the bottom. From piece that is left, you cut 2 pieces of pad dimensions 20x20 mm. Now hardest part is to remove plastic mentioned in earlier posts, the one that is preventing contact between heatsink and upper side of box. I have used scalpel and flat screwdriver to remove it, remove glue used too. Now, from upper side, remove aluminium cover that covers cu and gpu and remove factory installed pads. Now, place smaller pieces 20x20 mm on cpu and gpu one next to another, remove mounting screws from heatsink and place it on silicone pad. Put mainboard back on same place and heatsink should fit perfectly now between mainboard and case. After that put larger piece on the bottom and place bottom cover back. That is all You dont need thermal glue or anything expensive. With this mod idle temp is 48-50, and after 30 min aida test, max temp was 76 degrees Before that i had active cooler, and this works much better. Temps are 10 degrees lower. Sorry that i did not take any pictures. I forgot But i think it will be ok even without them.


          I show in this topic and my own cooling modification in PiPO X8.

          I used an 50x50x1mm Arctic thermal pad and two Fischer Elektronik 35x35x0,6 mm heatsinks. All have buy from local shops in Greece.

          I have ordered also 100mmx100mmx5mm thermal pad and put it when arrives here.

          The CPU temperatures is about 10º celsius down from before modifications. Idle 42º celsius and after one hour Kodi 1080P stream is 65º celsius


            Today i received the 5mm thermal pad and put in the PiPO X8. The mini PC now is heavier (weight increased) and cooler as shown in the first temperature tests.


              A really old thread.. just want to resurrect it and share my mod..

              First mod is to install a 45mmx 45mm x 6mm V dc brushless fan enclosed inside a aluminium cage as per photo.

              Then installed thermal pad on the CPU chip, and attach the fan on top of it.

              Without attaching back the board inside to the case, it achieved around 45-63 C while on idle.

              Found out that the bottom of the fan does not properly touch thermal pad, due to some resistors/etc obstructing the way.

              Then change it and attach heatsinks2 on the 2 chips, and redirect the airflow to blow over the heatsinks.

              Still with the board not inside the casing, now achieve more respectable temp value, around 40-45c.

              With the board back inside the chassis, and the bottom cover sealed back in its place, with idle and high load manage to get around 43-48 C, which is much more better than direct contact, and without the mod.

              Thank you.


                Looks great