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Problems with my wired network connection

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    Originally posted by jschmidt1492 View Post
    Possible Solution: Connect to false VGA monitor.

    From what I have gathered, the X7 enters a low power standby state whenever a display device is not connected (HDMI disconnected, TV is off, etc.). This standby mode disables the LAN (causing the internal USB ethernet connect/disconnect) and the GPU processing (Firefox and Chrome windows being all white when viewing with TeamViewer remote desktop).

    I believe I may have found a solution. I would like to see if this is the only fix required or if it was one of my many previous modifications combined with this step.

    With the main display powered on, right click on the desktop and click on screen resolution.
    Click on detect.
    Click on another display not connected.
    Under the Multiple Displays tab, choose try to connect anyway on VGA.
    Click Apply.

    Afterwards, your display should default to your main display when on, then to the nonexistent VGA display when your main display is off.

    This fools windows into thinking a display is connected when it is not and prevents standby mode.

    I have made a few other modifications previously which may have contributed to the fix but I am not sure that they're necessary.
    First is editing the Connected Standby registry settings. (Open regedit.exe, go to edit then find then search for csenabled. Set value from 1 to 0. Go under Control Panel to Power Management and Device Manager to Device Properties to put everything into Full Power/Do not turn off Mode).
    Second is manually updating to the latest Intel drivers by extracting the .exe file with 7zip and installing it through device manager. Drivers link here (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/dow...7-8-8-1-32-bit)

    I am very curious to see if this fixes the issue for other users and if the other modifications are necessary. Let me know!
    worked forme for 32 days in a round, but i have the problem again!!!

    someone still have the issue?


      I have not written for a long time. After upgrade to Win10 I did a clean install Win10. Lan driver for Davicom DM9261A is downloaded (digitally signed) directly from Microsoft. From reinstalling everything works (without fake VGA monitor, manually speeding LAN etc.).


        oversx... Mind posting the link to MS Driver? I can only find the Windows 8 from Davicom. Thanks
        Nvidia Shield (2017 & 2019), A95x Max, WD EX2 NAS


          Sorry to post in old thread, but it was the best one I found while searching for this issue. I have x9s windows 10 pipo's with a dell touchscreen 24" monitor attached via HDMI/USB. I was having this issue with the ethernet not being in device manager after every reboot. Scan for hardware changes in device manager would bring it back. In the display settings I had set it to show desktop on monitor 2 only, and I believe this was the issue. I guess since nothing was displayed on the pipo, it lost the ethernet device for whatever reason. When I changed it to extend display, and set monitor 2 as the main display it stopped losing the connection / device on reboot. Just thought this may help someone like me.