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X7 as a Video Arcade = Success

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    Originally posted by robmich View Post
    For me, 8.1 works better as everything I currently do/use works and there were a few programs (Gameex) that will not install in 10. I'm sure that will be fixed when 10 is released.

    Here is the simplest way to have a non-gui boot and go directly to the front end. This actually replaces "explorer" with your frontend. Maximus Arcade and Mala work well...

    How To Change The Windows Shell.


    Go to boot options and select "non-gui boot"



    Basically what your doing here is replacing Explorer with your frontend. In my case Maximus or Mala.

    1) open regedit (start menu > run, and type in regedit).
    2) go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.
    3) add a new string value (Edit > New > String Value) called shell. and set the value to the path of the new shell e.g C:\Frontend\MaLa.exe.
    4) log out and log back in or reboot.

    To return to windows explorer setup from your frontend if it supports it (Mala does) have it load Explorer.exe when you exit your frontend. Now your back in a normal windows environment and can navigate as normal.

    There is a site called that has all kinds of art and videos. Can't discuss ROMS due to legality issues, but I do know that theres plenty of legal graphics out ther to decorate your arcade with.

    thxs a lot for your clear answer, im waiting for my pipo, so when i arrive i will contact with you...

    thanks again for your help


      Had to register to this board since I realy can't find the way to even run the least heavy 3d game smoothly with the Pipo X7.
      All 2d games run well if nothing else is on the backgroud, But when it comes to any 3d game, even the oldest ones, It becomes laggy, sound is stutering etc.

      Conig is:
      Win 8.1 out of the box settings.
      Emulator: Mameuifx32 0.149.2 - Direct 3D rendering.

      Please let me know if anything can be done, Currenly not using Maximus Arcade shell.
      It's for a good friend