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Bricked X7s - please help!

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    Bricked X7s - please help!

    Im hoping someone could help are point me to someone who can. Im from the US and ive tried to skype with Pipo but no luck - sent a few emails... no response. I have 2 Pipo x7s from and 1 is completely bricked (I think) I had them both all set up... apps and all. I think it was looking at the bios that did it. It wont turn on the only thing that happens is that the red light comes on - that's it. Cant boot into bios my usb sticks wont light so i cant boot from those. microsd - nothing. Can anyone help me please? Ive only had it for less than a week! is there something I can do with the other Pipo x7s that can get this one going? Can you connect them to another computer? Im stumped and Pipo doesnt seem to want to help. I guess i need to try also.


    If you changed something at the bios then it could be you bricked it and at worst case you have to do a hw unbrick like (or (but if I'm not wrong doesn't work/help at the pipo))
    At best case maybe the reset also helps at your situation
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      Unbricking pipo x7 x8 x9.
      All credits goes to Delanet from forum.

      Let's try to revive the magic box in the absence of the RESET button. To do this, you will need a screwdriver, as well as a small piece of wire, a clip or tweezers.

      1. Using a screwdriver, we dismantle the case, unscrew both cards and put them on the table.
      2. A piece of wire, a straightened paper clip or just tweezers for a moment short- circuit the conclusions of the lithium disk battery on the board. What for it is necessary, I shall tell hardly more low.
      3. Connect the power supply, display and wired keyboard to the board.
      4. Plug the power supply into an outlet. The LED should light up for a couple of seconds and go out as usual. If this happens, then the patient 99.9% will live
      3. Next, press the power button on the PiPO and immediately the Del key on the keyboard - enter the BIOS.
      5. Return the power state value after a fault to S0 and save the BIOS settings.
      6. We take out the power supply from the socket - we de-energize the board.
      7. We turn on the power supply again in the socket - the box again does not give any signs of life, as it was before the procedure. Calm down! This is normal.
      8. Repeat step 2, then repeat step 4.
      9. We return the cards to the place, we fasten them, we assemble the case. The operation is complete.

      Now I will tell you why to short-circuit the lithium battery, and two more times.
      This battery powers the real-time clock (RTC) in the processor. The microcircuit BIOS does not feed, because it has only a Flash-memory inside.
      However, the battery also supplies internal volatile registers in the AXP288 power controller chip. In one of these registers, the value of the power parameter is stored.
      To reset it to the S0 state (default), you have to short-circuit the battery.
      Unfortunately, the procedure for shorting the battery has to be repeated twice. The first time to enter the BIOS and change the value in Flash. And the second time to be able to turn on the pip again, since the register state is updated after the inclusion - it is simply copied from the BIOS to the register.

      This method is certainly suitable not only for PiPO X7s , but also for simple X7 , as well as for X8 and X9 , as the power controllers they have the same.