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Pipo X7 becomes very slow after surfing the internet and watching videos, only restart helps

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    Pipo X7 becomes very slow after surfing the internet and watching videos, only restart helps


    I have 2 Pipo X7 and both of them have the same problem.
    After using the PC for a while, surfing the internet with any browser (IE, chrome or firefox) and watching some videos on youtube, the PC becomes very very slow, even after I close the browsers it remains so slow I cannot work with it. Only resetting with the reset button helps.

    After the computer restarts it works very fast, and again after some time (20 mins) it gets slower and slower.

    Things I did:
    I have 2 Pipo X7, one with windows 8.1 and one with windows 10 TP.
    Both have defender disabled
    Both windows are up to date and all windows updates went well
    All PIPO drivers are installed.

    Does anyone have any idea why this is happening, does anyone have this problem too?

    Maybe over heating have you done any mods to keep it kewel, also maybe some evil malware or something taking over.
    Try adwcleaner see if you have any junk.

    What temp is your box running at ?

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      How can I see what is the temp of the cpu when it gets slow?


        I use a program called HWMonitor


          I think the problem is in your Pipo. As you have an old PC, I have any doubts that this is coming from your provider or it could be your router. In both cases you need to contact your provider and to solve this issue, if this is coming from your router this could be changed or you will have to do a little set up to improve your internet connection. But if this is coming from your internet provider, I would recommend you to change it as you will have this issue much more time in the near future. So to say, this is what I have faced a couple of times, and I fixed my internet connection issue a lot of time by myself, but this will never end and you will have to do this much more time. So, better change your provider to another one, more than that if you will use usave.co.uk this service you will find the best offer, and maybe you will have to pay less money for a faster internet, and with all that you will have a fast broadband to use. Think twice, it might be the best option.
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