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Help Dual booting PipoX7

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    Help Dual booting PipoX7

    Hello there PiPoX7 gurus. Need some help.

    Updated PiPoX7 to Windows 10. It is working well.
    Click image for larger version

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    Installed a new 32Gb microSD card for an Ubuntu 14.04 64 build.

    Looking like I trashed the EFI boot stuff as I have multiple configurations.

    Windows 10 is working fine. I do not have Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit booting.

    On top of the mess I installed EasyBCD 2.2 and can see all of my non booting EFI stuff.

    I have played with EFI in manual mode but never EasyBCD.
    Click image for larger version

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    I never looked and do not remember what was originally configured.

    I would like to clean up my EFI boot entries and just do one for Windows 10 32 bit and one for Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

    You should install a 32 bit EFI loader for Linux:
    (file from chroot on a live-cd).

    I don't know if is possible to boot on microSD (no succeed when I quickly tried). No problem if Linux is on the first disk (but you should remove default partitions because Ubuntu (udev?) can't see more than the first 7 partitions).


      Thank you Neni,

      I started the endeavor with Ian's stuff modding the original bootloader so it would boot off of the 32Gb mmc (micro SD card).

      Then I went back to Windows 10 and installed Easy BCD 2.2 which I think really doesn't work in Windows 10 and messed up my bootloader creating 7 boot entries.

      I am booting fine in to WIndows 10 but no booting in to Ubuntu right now.

      Yesterday installed efibootcfg manager in Linux and got of some of the boot entries but still no go to boot from the Linux.

      Yup; thinking the only way to make this work is to edit out the Windows 10 boot stuff and just boot right in to Linux from a newly created boot EFI configuraiton.


        Sorry, I can't play anymore with the Pipo X8 because I bought it for my brother (and I gave him the machine) . I tried to install Linux Mint, but sound and bluetooth were not working (and some troubles with build-in screen when an extern screen was plug at boot). As my brother doesn't care about Linux, I did not investigate further.

        There are some useful efi documentation here:

        And you should take a look to rEFInd Boot manager:

        Sorry again not be able to help you more.


          Thank you neni

          Yup; there is a new Ubuntu 14.XX 64 bit build that works great on the PipoX7 / X8.

          The documentation / links are attached.

          I am familiar with rEFInd boot manager.

          Thinking here using the BCD editor in Windows 10 messed with my stuff.