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Kodi video freezes in Windows 10 but not in Android

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  • cjeman
    Looks like I have a USB 3 enclosure attached to the NAS that may be the problem. Moving the files from it to that NAS eliminates the issue. Increasing buffers did not change the outcome.

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  • Kodi video freezes in Windows 10 but not in Android

    Running Kodi 15.2 in both Windows 10 & Android on my X7S. Videos (on NAS) can freeze in Windows but does not in Android? The stall locks Kodi until it goes back to the prior screen. Selecting the video again, Kodi asks to pick up where it left off and does. The same video plays without issue in Android. Using VLC, the video plays to completion. I have configured the Advanced Settings within Kodi to increase buffers with no change.

    I notice that the Windows version of Kodi does not report the same IP & Subnet mask as the adapter. Kodi in Android does. Checking the debug log to see if there are any issues that I can find.