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Advise about Pipo x7S

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    Advise about Pipo x7S

    I am going to buy Pipo x7s.
    I found some problem with this box,
    1. There is no Google Play, so I can’t get & install app on this box. Is it true? If yes, is there any way to have Google Play on this box?
    2. There are over heating problem, but I heard that it could be solved by adding heat sink, is it true & work?
    3. Is the box work with Android & Windows? No problem & no any freezes?

    Hi , ive had the pipo x7s as my main tv box for the last 7 months.

    I can say that windows is a bit sluggish. But im use to a very powerful desktop.
    The kodi or xbmc works better on android.
    The partition for android is rather small. I wish i knew how to make it read and write to the sd card like my phone does. The problem is it limits the amount of apps you can have. Also depending how you set up kodi it will run out of space super fast.

    I cant remember how i got play store. I think just download the apk from the internet browser.

    As for over heating. It does some times turn off. But it only happened maybe 6 times at most. Only in android. As i only used windows for a week or so.

    The other thing my windows was missing th win to android program or exe
    Cant remeber where i found it but there was heaps of fakes and malware crap. So yeh

    Works well with air mouse and keyboard and mouse.

    Hope this helps


      Play Store came installed on mine. I have found that it is a better Windows 10 machine vs Android. Kodi 16 runs well in both Win10 & Android. I had to modify the cooling (plenty of topics on this) to keep the CPU's under 75 C. Heat can cause the box to slow down and in rare cases, a shutdown. Windows has a few free apps to monitor the temperature and warn you when temps get too warm. This is my main Kodi box.
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