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dummies guide for upgrading x7s? I"m a newb

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    dummies guide for upgrading x7s? I"m a newb

    The instructions don't make sense

    I downloaded the 3 rar files here

    Uncompressed it

    There's 3 folders inside of PIPO X7S Intel Z3736F Mini PC Upgrade Firmware 186083 20150502

    Per instructions in the blog site i'm supposed to take the Bios folder and move it to my U Disk, i'm guessing a U Disk is a USB Thumb Drive? Ok I copy over the Bios Folder to the USB Thumb drive

    I Plug in my USB drive to the Pipo X7S, turn on Pipo X7S, Press F7, chose my USB thumb drive, nothing happens....

    Same thing with the Android...Haven't tried the windows folder yet, anyone able to shed some light on me please?

    Ok progress, Android just installed, The folders they put out on that site are a mess because the .rar file doesn't even need to be there or the multiple folders ontop, basically i got android finally installed by going 3 folders in, taking the contents of that folder and putting on the root of the USB drive, Put USB drive into X7S, didn't chose my usb thumb drive on F7 but the shell option and android installed itself from USB drive contents

    BIOS apparently doesn't work that way, need to get into Windows to install that by looks of it, will try Windows now with same way i got Android installed