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Pipo X7s - crashed and boots to Bios

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    Pipo X7s - crashed and boots to Bios


    My pipo x7s was running fine (windows 8.1) and then one day I arrived home and it refuses to boot to the splash screen (android/windows) .
    It goes straight to the bios.

    Without a USB I am unable to launch the EFI shell.
    If I put the SHELLx64.EFI on a usb I can get it to the EFI shell, however I am having issues flashing the bios.
    If I use fpt64.efi it advises that Error 201 [FPTEfi.efi] cannot be run on the current platform.
    If I use fpt.efi it advises that type IA32 is not supported by this X64 shell.

    I assume I need to flash the bios then installed android then windows however doesn't appear that I am able to do much.

    Any help would be appreciated.