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pipo x9 HELP with reinstall Please

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    pipo x9 HELP with reinstall Please

    I have managed to get to the stage where I no longer have windows or android or anything installed on my pipo x9. I ended up using GPART on it (don't ask). Now I am stuck. It boots to the "build in EFI Shell". I created a USB install of windows 8 but cannot seem to get to the usb - although it sees the usb when I hit F7 on bootup. i can get to bios this way as well.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to get windows and android back on my pipo.

    thanks very much - Paul

    did you resolve this? I don't know the PipoX9 (I've had the X7 and X6S in the past), but I assume there's an option to either select the USB in a boot menu (using a different key to the one you selected to get into the BIOS) OR you can change the boot order in the BIOS/UEFI. Normally (e.g. on the X7), there is an option on the BIOS exit/save page where you can change this boot order temporarily, otherwise it will try to boot off EVERY USB that you insert at boot time.