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Z66X Z2 TV Box - ZX296716 Quad-core Android 2/16GB ROM 7.1 2.4G WiFi 100M RJ45

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    Originally posted by halilyil View Post
    My Z66X Z2 device is 2GB Ram 16GB Rom.
    Unable to load.
    the upload is not successful
    Is there any other software?

    you have been unable to load maybe as you have 16gb rom version, name of the file includes 2+8 so it should be the 2(gb ram) + 8 (gb rom) firmware (which i might use on my globmall 2/8)


      Originally posted by trebor View Post
      Flashed OK
      Once I recalled what program to use and find it on the HDD, then how to use it again been awhile
      No changelog YT still 720, UI running 720, still ok for what it is.

      I'ts ROM for Z3. Did you flash it on Z2??


        i got issues with this box, rebranded globmall, but same hardware

        only netflix is fine,

        youtube and kodi/vavoo give me desync audio is seconds behind video

        have to say that i use this box to get netflix/youtube on an old tv, no flatscreen so i use 3 times cinch 3,5mm red/white/yellow to get sound and picture

        would think it is an hardware issue but strange is netflix works fine synced out of the box

        only auto detected resolution is PAL for sure

        any idea how to get off that desync in all the other apps?


          Also have this Z66X Z2, 2/16, came with last FW..., but in IPTV (Perfect Player, IPTV Pro...) HW decoding is slow and audio is out of sync....., on SW decoding audio is in sync...

          In Kodi also, most IPTV channels are with out of sync audio....

          Has somebody some fix for this, better FW, or whatever can help...


            is there a manual button to reset the box my reset command is not working and i cant find a reset pin?



              I need to buy a TV box. I found a set-top box from Switchonshop. Many recommend this brand as reliable and high quality. Does anyone use a Switchonshop TV set-top box?



                Can somebody please post one link whit the flash-tool for the z66x Z2 box. Please need the tool

                my box stuck on loading screen. Tried to download from baidu bat receive the error: access restricted.

                Please somebody upload it to mega or some other share.

                Many Thank


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