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I have to TV-box and need help to get roms (ota) modded

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    I have to TV-box and need help to get roms (ota) modded


    In Sweden my box is: Mi Box S / but when I am trying to fins any firmware or new roms there is nothing to find, so please give me link to where find roms to download.

    I also have:
    S905X - Tanix mini / wonder if anybody have an working link to download roms?

    Thanks in perhaps!

    // Nikke

    - Xiaomi Mi-Box S has ONLY official Google certified ROMs only direct from Google/Xiaomi, and recently the device has received a big OTA update to Android 9, so go in settings and check for update and install it.

    - has a forum page dedicated to the old Tanix TX3 and its different versions like your Mini with list of ROMs that work with your device, you will have to investigate which hardware revision of the PCB board you have to get a working ROM; easiest way to identify your board is open your device's box and read what is printed. Or you can also try to install ROMs posted here in FreakTab, most are generic to fit different S905X devices, maybe you will be lucky to get one that works great for you, so can search the S905X thread for ROMs.