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Netflix Android TV version for a non certified device

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    Netflix Android TV version for a non certified device


    I'm new here, apologize if this is not the best place for the question.

    I have a XGIMI H2 projector. It is based on MStar 6A938 chipset and has a modified Android TV installed, but it is not google certified.
    It runs a customized UI, but it is possible to access the Android TV play store, log with my account and install some apps.

    My projector is Widevine L1 capable and I managed to have the Netflix HD with the standard app if I use a patched app from this link:

    If I use the official app I cannot get Full HD, but it works.

    I wonder if I can have the Android TV version of Netflix running, since it is easier to control with a remote control.

    I found some information on this thread:

    I installed the ATV version and I logged with my account. I changed the build.prop to "ro.nrdp.modelgroup=FIRETVSTB2015".

    The problem is when I try to open a video. It starts to load, I get sound but no video. I get the loading with the spinning icon but no video came out.

    Does someone have any idea in what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    I use the yabilo version of netflix and I have audio + video in my KM9 PRO CLASSIC, so that I recommend you buy the mecool v01 air mouse to watch movies with netflix mobile version.


      the video problem's is because your projector doesn't have some codecs in video. This is the princiapl reason, such as codecs are integrated in the manufacturing.