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ZIDOO Z9S Android + Latest Realtek 1296 OpenWrt Media Player

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    ZIDOO Z9S Android + Latest Realtek 1296 OpenWrt Media Player

    ZIDOO Z9S Android + OpenWrt Media Player for your Media Entertainment Pleasure
    G'day all and thanks to Zidoo
    Today's box of Multimedia Pleasure for your viewing is the Zidoo Z9S latest and greatest using the RTD 1296 chip:

    All Alloy case:
    New upgraded Realtek 1296 Quad-core 64 A53 processor, 2G memory, 16GB eMMC super-large built-in storage, gigabit cable, 802.11ac 2T2R 867Mbps WIFI, Bluetooth 4.1.

    Lots of Ports:
    SATA 3.0*2, USB 2.0*2, USB 3.0*2, Fiber optic *1, CVBS output *1, RS232*1, HDMI OUT 2.0a *1, HDMI IN 2.0*1

    A Remote to Die for, well it pretty groovy:
    Full-function backlight learning remote control

    Specifications of the Zidoo Z9S
    • Front Display: LED
    • Shell: Aluminum alloy case
    • OS: Android + OpenWRT
    • CPU: Realtek RTD1296 ARM Cortex-A53 Quad-Core
    • GPU: ARM T820 MP3(3-core)
    • Memory: 2GB
    • Internal Storage: 16GB eMMC
    • WIFI Connectivity: 802. 11 AC, MIMO Dual-band WIFI
    • Ethernet: 1*RJ-45 Ethernet Jack(10/100/1000Mbps)
    • HDMI Out: HDMI 2.0a,Support 4K@60fps, HDR10
    • HDMI Input: HDMI 2.0
    • Video decode: HDR, 10-bit HEVC/H.265 up to 4K@60fps,VP9 up to 4K@60fps, H.264 up to 4K@24fps
    • Audio decode: Support HD audio multichannel direct access and stereo decoding
    • Power: DC 12V
    • SATA: 2* SATA3.0
    • USB: 2*USB3.0, 2* USB2.0
    • Other interface: 1*IR receiver, 1*Composite video and audio port (Cvbs output), 1*SPDIF(2CH, 5.1CH),1*3.5mm RS232, 2* External high-gain Antenna, 1*SATA3.0 What's in the box: 1*Media Player, 1*Remote control, 1*HDMI cable, 1*Power adapter, 1*User manual

    Let's have a look see at what it has to Offer:

    The Box: is huge

    What's in the HUGE Box: Lots

    Power Supply:

    More ports than Shanghai: Rear



    Ventilation on the Under side:

    Down the barrel

    Together as One

    Remote Functions:

    Box in general Specifications:
    • Front LED five-segment display and various status display
    • 12V 3A Power Supply
    • Powerful peripheral extensions, SATA 3.0*2, USB3.0*2, USB2.0*2
    • Upgraded WIFI module supports 2T2R MIMO 867Mbps rate
    • Accurate frame rate switching and automatic resolution switching (23.976,59.94,25,30,50,60)
    • 4k 60p point-to-point output, wide-color domain HDR/HDR10, 10Bit color depth, 1.07 billion colors
    • True 4K 60P decoding, H.265 /HEVC 10bit hard solution
    • 4K UHD Blu-ray navigation
    • Powerful subtitle function, support fonts change, color effect optional, online download subtitles, both SUP and ASS effects captions.
    • Unparalleled Poster Wall function, automatic scanning, automatic category series films and TV series, customized layout.
    • Non-destructive audio formats SACD,DFF,DSF, APE,FLAC,WAV, support CUE rails and mobile control without opening display device to listen to music.
    • Breaking the android SRC limit, audio sampling rate is up to 192K output
    • Support NFS,SMB V2,SMB V1 multiple sharing protocols
    • Support HTTP, RS232(can control ON/OFF),Control 4 and many ways to control

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    Further delving into the Zidoo Z9S lets have have a look see on innards
    Knowing Zidoo Hardware and finish will be good,

    Off with the Base: not a lot to see here at all,

    Remove PCB: all is revealed
    Click Image: to see larger image
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      As we start this journey with the New ZIDOO Z9S Android 7.1 RTD1296 we have a few updates and bits to add for our enjoying pleasure (I hope)

      New Firmware that needs to be installed: and by the looks maybe a good idea

      Download url: http://apidl.zidoo.tv/Z9S/v1.9.7/ZID...ta-package.zip
      md5: BA36B6F4C5163523B916A62D7D30C5B8:

      Huge Change LOG:

      1.Optimize small probability green screen and quit playing when playing local video
      2.Optimize HDR to SDR display
      3.Optimize HDR display
      4.Added DLNA function
      5.Fixed the problem of the Downmix HD Audio output switch does not work after reboot
      6.Modify the default wallpaper
      7.Added the optical drive function
      - Support CD/DVD/BD SATA and USB optical drive
      - Add an optical drive device to the file manager left device list when there is optical drive access. The content area can display multiple optical drives and support volume label, and the menu key can be used to operate the current optical drive
      - Support for un-encrypted DVD/BD playback, support for Blu-ray and DVD navigation, and any file supported by player stored in the optical disk
      8.Optimize system stability

      1.Fixed 3840*1080 full width 3D video scale display error
      2.Add response pause, fast forward and other shortcut function keys on the Subtitle list interface
      3.Optimize the video information interface display
      4.Optimize subtitle language display
      5.Added the press 'DOWN' key to show the video information interface when video is pause
      6.Fixed the problem that UI cannot be displayed full when video is pause
      7.Added pause the video time when frame rate switching
      8.Optimize playback menu loop operations
      9.Fixed problem that the number of audio track is limit to 24
      10.Added HDR to SDR Gamma settings

      1.Fixed Transmission disconnect the server connection sometimes
      2.Fixed the problem that SMB can't share devices
      3.Fixed Aria download task disappears when restarting device
      4.Fixed Aria disconnect the server connection sometimes
      5.Fixed Transmission download task disappears when restarting machine
      6.Fixed Transmission download no speed problem
      7.Fixed smb share showing invalid device problem

      Blu-ray navigation:
      1. Added resume playback function (synchronize playing record with local player)
      2. Optimize the saving mechanism of single video subtitle
      3. Fixed the problem that the idol progress bar does not show
      4. Fixed the problem that part of video cannot display external subtitles
      5. Fixed part of the navigation failure problem
      6. Fixed HDR to SDR parameters do not work

      1. Change the max file size of background music to 30MB

      File manager:
      1. Fixed problems caused by unresponsiveness of applications due to emergent access to NFS
      2. Added the function of video play record. The watched video will show a 'eye' icon on the right
      3. Added the optical drive list function
      4. Added AIF music support
      5. Fixed the problem that the status of optical drive display wrong
      6. Added hard disk space hint
      7. Optimize SMB and NFS rescan display mode

      Quick settings:
      1.Added color depth prompt text
      2.Fixed the problem of the Downmix HD Audio output switch does not work after reboot
      3.Added openwrt reset function
      4.Added DLNA switch
      5.Added setting of pausing video time when frame rate switching
      6.Added clean up APP data function
      7.Added HDR to SDR Gamma settings

      Wall Poster:
      1.Fixed the problem that video with demo cannot enter the poster wall through file manager
      2.Fixed the problem of rematch interface to add episodes without input number error
      3.Fixed the problem UI cannot be displayed full screen
      3.Optimized display of language list setting
      4.Optimize the ability to rematch data
      5.Added rating source settings
      6.Added scraper source settings

      1.Local upgrade can choose network device upgrade file function (NFS and SMB)

      Music player 3.0:
      1. Modified the original layout of music player 3.0, separate the music list and play interface, and put the play panel at the bottom to restore the user's customary operation mode.
      The control is optimized according to the box characteristics
      2. New categories are added by artist and by album. Now the playlist is divided into 6 categories: collection, all songs, artist, album, song list and folder.
      3. New song categories by genre can be viewed in all songs
      4. New artist categories by region can be found in the list of artists
      5. Added a new song list system, and users can classify and store the songs according to their favorite ways
      6. Play details is now a separate interface where song information, file information and lyrics are displayed
      7. New sorting function
      8. New view switch function, grid view and list view, artist classification and unique poster wall view
      9. New search function, and support song, artist, album classification search, and can edit every element found
      10. Optimized the effect of the lyrics, and the lyrics display is accurately positioned to word by word, so that the lyrics display is more accurate
      11. Support for new transliteration lyrics and translation lyrics
      Optimize lyrics search, now mainstream songs can be searched basically
      13. New manual lyrics search function is added, and the lyrics effect of search results can be previewed, so that users can choose the most suitable lyrics according to the effect
      14. Now the folders added by the user will be uniformly placed in the folder category of the music list for easy editing of the folders
      15. Optimized the original scanning mode. Now the song scanning will be carried out in the background and the songs will be updated dynamically
      16. You can see the progress of the scan in the folder list in the scan and stop the scan at any time
      17. Now, when scanned the CD image file music or the FLAC,APE and WAV files with CUE, the single is directly parsed and the single is matched for song, the image file is matched for album, and then classified into different lists
      18. The resolved singles will be put in all the songs like regular music, and will also be put in the corresponding album according to the song information matched
      The CD's mirror image matches the album to be placed on the album list, and the album contains the complete singles that are parsed from the file
      The folders of mirrored songs will only show mirrored files as files, and the playback will play all the songs in the files from beginning to end.
      21. Added a play queue. When the user clicks the list song for playing, the playlist will be automatically added to the list where the song is.
      The play queue also provides all added songs and all favorites/unfavorites, as well as the ability to edit or move a single song from the list
      22. The control of the mobile phone follows the original layout and operation mode, which is consistent with the function and previous version
      23. Supports APE/FLAC/WAV/AIF/DTSCD/MP3 / SACD ISO/DFF/DSF file playback, support for the DSD file decoding the highest sampling rate of 192 Khz, DSF file decoding the highest sampling rate 176.4 Khz
      24.Fixed problem that ongoing icon remains the first song when playing SACD format music.
      25.Fixed problem that playing time and song time mixed when in CUE format
      26.Fixed problem that the time of every song is same after SACD files divided
      27.Fixed problem that playlist misses divided files when play in SACD and APE formats.
      28.Added playlist of SADC format
      29.Fixed the problem of unable playing of ape format files when playing in song list
      30.Optimized residual information of last file when switched
      31.Fixed problem that song duration of several ape files obtains wrongly
      32.Fixed song duration of last files in CUE format obtains wrongly when play starting from album and artist
      33.Optimized the display logic and display effect of the original album song list
      34.Fixed the occasional problem of the hint of no responding
      35.Fixed the problem of playing music from the file manager repeating causes the application to report an error.
      36.Fixed the problem of inconsistent sorting between playlist and file manager when play starting from file manager
      37.Fixed some UI display
      38.Fixed the mismatching of lyric and time when playing CUE files
      39.Fixed the unworkable circle mode
      40.Fixed the occasional no responding of rematching
      41.Added positive sequence and reverse of time display
      42.Added circle mode of playback Menu
      43.Added menu of single song in folder
      44.Fixed the problem of possible crackle when first play music in apk
      45.Optimized fluency of interface
      46.Fixed the current time obtained wrongly of APE files
      47.Optimized lyrics synchronization
      48.Optimized time display
      49.Fixed the wrong information of ongoing songs when play in ape formats
      50.Fixed the wrong song information when switched automatically to next one ape or wav format files
      51.Added shortcut key of menu to open play list
      52.Added compilation facility of cue format songs
      53.Fixed the problem of unsuccess to search lyric in file manager when play CUE format songs

      Some apks that may be required:

      Music player3.0

      Google play store:

      ZDMC(based on kodi):


      Will get the above in Order and all being well we see you on the other


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        All went well, as we have returned to continue, update easy, downloaded put on USB stick, update settings in Zidoo all done:

        The Z9S is Huge not in Size but what it has to offer and settings, millions (well a lot)

        All new Realtek 1296 2/16GB , AC WiFi, Gig lan, USB ports x 4, 2 x SSD ports HDMI In and Out
        Remote to Die for, Groovy LED display, AV out, RS232 Control, Power on off switch
        More settings I think than you will ever find in an Android BOX

        Switch on easy, Network good, quick browse around to see what we have
        Then the update being OTA to easy and OK.

        As this does not come with Google, An APK supplied by Zidoo to install if required.
        Working well Installed Testing Apps and updated those required.

        Let's have a look see, so far.

        Startup Wizard:

        Customise Background Pic/Display:

        Installed Apps:

        Check that Weather lots of Rain:

        Some Settings overview and System Info:

        Customise the Remote Buttons:

        More as it happens

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          Benchmarks yet?
          ​​​​​​.. .How many arms and legs is Zidoo asking for all the bells and whistles?
          Still, such a good thing would really benefit from three, or even four gigs of ddr4.
          Bang up, thorough job... per usual!
          Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


          • trebor
            trebor commented
            Editing a comment
            Click on the Zidoo
            not to bad, more ram always good, does the job pretty I find

          Would you include some actual read/ write numbers for the usb 3.0 equipped boxes now comin down the pike?
          I'm interested to see if they are performing as represented Cheers
          Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


            Attempting to Continue on, I am not finding a lot apps that are compatible to do it Justice or otherwise, so far
            The Basic, read info apps are fine, but doing things appears another story. in a reliable fashion

            With a Unit such as this you would I feel only use network Fiddling with USB or even Sata as handy as It might be is a fiddle

            Some Info to be posted soon:

            Ram and Storage Truth:


            DRM: Not a lot going on here

            Storage Test: SSD: Secondary Storage: R/H Port:

            L/H Port:

            USB: Secondary Storage USB3 Stick in USB 3 Port

            USB3 Stick In USB 2 Port
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              Z9S Now supports HDMI-IN recording.
              Added RS232 standby function and Engineers have optimize system issues.

              Here are some links for your reference:

              Z9S V1.2.22:http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?thre...eleased.44524/

              Change Logs:

              1. Optimize the system stability.
              2. Optimize the occasional green screen problem when switching Gamma mode.
              3. Optimized playback stability.
              4. Optimize 4K24P 444 10bit display.
              5. Optimize online video playback

              Local Media Player
              1. Adding forced subtitles support(MKVs).
              2. Optimized playback stability.
              3. Optimized the next video by pressing one button.
              4. Added multiple BDMV video loop playback functions
              5. Optimized the select play time to seek function
              6. Optimized the problem that videos can't get fps
              7. Added Forced 3D TV options

              Quick Settings
              1. Add setting to set language of forced subtitles.

              1. Add a preset scraping source, NFO analysis, etc. when scanning the device.
              2. Optimize the UI display of editing page.
              3. Solve the problem that the popup UI of unmatched video cannot be displayed in full screen.
              4. Added NFO (same as KODI) parsing (Settings - preferences).
              5. Solve the problem of poster image restoration when switching video categories after manually changing posters.
              6. Solve the problem of invalid replacement of local poster, which is from douban or TVDB.
              7. Added preference setting to filter the header character "The" when sorting by title.
              8. Optimize the "Mark as viewed" feature.
              9. Added prompt to indicate that video has been completely watched (a "eye" icon will be shown in the lower right corner of the main interface of the poster).
              10. Solve the problem that the setup wizard setting language does not take effect.
              11. Optimize rating updates.
              12. Optimize backup and restore function, add wallpaper and preference Settings backup.
              13. Optimize IMDb analysis to solve the problem of occasionally unable to obtain season (TV series) information.
              14. Solve the problem of rematching episodes that will stop running.
              15. Optimized display of language list.
              16. Optimize re-match functionality.
              17. Added score source Settings.
              18. Add scraper Settings.
              19. Add fanart function of main interface.
              20. Added a switch that gives preference to local images when scanning.
              21. Added switch for automatic scanning device in background.
              22. Added NFO data export function.
              23. Added mask and blur effect adjustment function for fanart.
              24. Optimize the rematch display interface.
              25. Solve the problem of not being able to back up data to a network share directory.
              26. Optimize NFO export functionality by adding the option to export images and overwrite old files.
              27. Added prompt for local picture in poster editing page.
              28. Fixed the issue that selecting local image for fanart did not work.
              29. Fixed the impression score selection IMDb, stop running when loading the score
              30. Added the classification function by area
              31. Optimize matching
              32. Fixed the problem of device creation or deletion of non-video files will also automatically update the device
              33. Fixed the problem of NFO parsing movie without actor information, the details will not automatically load the actor.
              34. Fixed the exported NFO file, and when it is imported again, it will cause an error in parsing the data.
              35. Fixed the problem of rematching without showing ratings
              36. Optimize stability

              1. Optimize UI speed.
              2. Optimize merging CUE files into one album within the album.
              3. Optimize lyrics display, prioritize local lyrics.
              4. Optimize adding folder animation.
              5. Load data for each category asynchronously to avoid stuttering.
              6. Fixed a problem with restarting the device during playback without saving the bookmark.
              7. The artist and album names of the detail screen are consistent with the bottom playback bar.
              8. Music filename matching is preferred when rematching.
              9. Fixed the problem that playback loop mode not working.
              10. Fixed the problem that the application do not responsive occasionally when rematching.
              11. Sort by add time, add reverse order display.
              12. Added loop operation to play menu.
              13. Added menu for a single file in a folder.
              14. For folder playing mode, click the current lyrics to enter the play details page.
              15. Solve the problem that popping sound may appear when you enter the app for the first time playing music.
              16. Solve the problem that the lyrics and playing state of CUE songs are not synchronized.
              17. Fine-tune interface fluidity.
              18. Solve the problem that the current time of the APE file is incorrect.
              19. Optimization of lyrics synchronization problem.
              20. Optimization time display (sometimes negative).
              21. Fixed the problem that display wrong when playing ape files.
              22. Fixed the problem that information of song is wrong when automatic play next for APE and WAV.
              23. Added pop-up menu shortcuts to open playlists.
              24. Added single song editing for cue files.
              25. Fixed the problem that can not search lyrics if song is launched from File Explorer.

              1. Remove the countdown prompt

              1. Added sleep function

              HDMI IN
              1. Added recording and broadcasting functions


              Download url:http://apidl.zidoo.tv/Z9S/v2.1.22/ZI...ta-package.zip
              md5: 8937BE140D875D237F9D05C6B1B78CF6

              Upgrade method:OTA

              If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

              How to upgrade

              Source :ZIDOO

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                Firmware update:

                V2.1.30 More stability than previous beta

                Change logs:

                1.Optimize 4K60 color space display
                2.Optimize the system stability.

                Local Media Player:
                1.Added audio list information display
                2.Added the bit rate display
                3.Added file size display
                4.Fixed ASS subtitle hint coding error
                5.Added the number key 0 to display selet play time menu
                6.Fixed the problem of incorrect sorting of video list by file manager
                7.Added Multiple BDMV videos add list play

                Music player:
                1. When the play queue is a single CUE, the default expansion list
                2. Play the CUE file to add the arrow hit
                3. Optimize the playlist focus display
                4. Optimize the playback add information display

                HDMI IN:
                1.Fixed the problem that recording cannot be saved to a USB external device

                1. Fixed the child lock function, not save staues when reboot box
                2. Fixed the problem of manually matching not search the movie

                Power off:
                1. Press the power button to power off the default

                Quick setting:
                1. Optimize the color setting display
                2. Optimize the UI display


                Download url:http://ota-cloudfront.zidoo.tv/Z9S/O...ta-package.zip
                md5: 14DEA33E795219211DE0DA3FBCD29D00
                Upgrade method:OTA

                There is also a One-key Google Play to install here:
                Google Play Store is not pre-installed, but it is convenient if we install via the One-key install link.
                If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

                How to upgrade


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                  New firmware v2.1.40 beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release:

                  Since v2.1.30 Change Logs:

                  1. Optimize the system stability.
                  2. Optimize HDR display (Available MaxFALL and MaxCLL metadata)
                  3. Optimize the bluray navigation.
                  4. Fixed the problem that some MOV format videos could not be played.
                  5. Fixed the problem that playback lagging for some hard drives.
                  6. Fixed the problem that having to power off and restart when upgrading system sometimes.
                  7. Fixed the issue of audio jump for some special playlists for Bluray(About seamless branching issue).
                  8. Fixed the problem of prompting cannot play when playing videos sometimes.

                  Music Player
                  1. When playing SACD, the playback interface adds information display.
                  2. Optimize the usage wizard display.
                  3. Optimize the problem that the order of playing songs in some irregular CUE files is incorrect.
                  4. Optimize the music data matching.
                  5. Added feature that pairing songs by album.

                  1. Fixed the problem that cannot re-match on PC.
                  2. Fixed the problem of not recognizing the DVD folder.
                  3. Improve stability.

                  Media Center
                  1. Add switch to enable playing video with third-party video player.

                  Image Player
                  1. Optimize background music for slideshows.

                  Quick Settings
                  1. Added the page up key definition Settings.
                  2. Added the timing play key definition settings.

                  Version:v2.1.40 beta
                  Download url: http://apidl.zidoo.tv/Z9S/v2.1.40/ZI...ta-package.zip
                  MD5: 58F7E4E6BCCB16A0284DAA87FB6353E9
                  Upgrade method: OTA
                  If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

                  How to upgrade


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                    Are you running this device, and implementing these updates?
                    ​​​​​​If so, what are your latest impressions
                    Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


                      Originally posted by ClarkKent View Post
                      Are you running this device, and implementing these updates?
                      ​​​​​​If so, what are your latest impressions
                      Do you have that box or the X9S? I have the X9S, it plays everything you can throw at it, but I don't use it.
                      MK818B, T428, ATV 1220, CS918S, TV01, S89H, R89, ADT-1, MK808B Plus, MINIX X8-H Plus, Tronsmart Orion R68


                        Originally posted by clarkss12 View Post

                        Do you have that box or the X9S? I have the X9S, it plays everything you can throw at it, but I don't use it.
                        I don't But am intrigued by the 1296 efforts, and ongoing (rapid?) development.
                        The builders seem dedicated and responsive to their customers/ devices needs.

                        The x9s runs a 1295, doesn't it?
                        How come it is "back benched "?
                        Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?


                          Originally posted by ClarkKent View Post

                          I don't But am intrigued by the 1296 efforts, and ongoing (rapid?) development.
                          The builders seem dedicated and responsive to their customers/ devices needs.

                          The x9s runs a 1295, doesn't it?
                          How come it is "back benched "?
                          I have become addicted to the Android TV OS, so much cleaner. My primary media usage is from the Emby client, but the Zidoo will not run the Android TV OS version of it. For for someone that only NEEDS a media player for their own personal media, locally stored, this is a perfect fit. But it is NOT for a streaming media, ex. Netflix, Amazon, etc.

                          Besides, now the Nvidia Shield is ALMOST as good of a media player, and in the same price range.

                          The remote, is not the best either, for what little I have use it, the witting for the return button is already worn off, nothing there.

                          Also, I think most of the people on this forum are like us, and like to tinker with these toys....... Life would be soooo boring if everything JUST works.
                          MK818B, T428, ATV 1220, CS918S, TV01, S89H, R89, ADT-1, MK808B Plus, MINIX X8-H Plus, Tronsmart Orion R68


                            Originally posted by clarkss12 View Post

                            I have become addicted to the Android TV OS, so much cleaner.
                            Also, I think most of the people on this forum are like us, and like to tinker with these toys....... Life would be soooo boring if everything JUST works.
                            your last point : probably true. when I get mine about "right ".. I feel the need to push buttons till I break it. Uhg!
                            I do good titanium bkups.. but haven't had had much luck doing a full reload after a wiipe. so we start over

                            first point : I don't like it. but admit I haven't run it much and don't use a paid source. I think I will have to give Netflix a try finally.
                            not a fan of the ui or navigating through it. To me it is slow, cumbersome, and misses on the learning curve for my preferences.

                            Then again, I hate the childish ms inspired tiled launchers the lazy graphics deficient developers are married to. It's hideous and cheap!

                            Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?