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ZIDOO Z9S Android + Latest Realtek 1296 OpenWrt Media Player

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    Originally posted by ClarkKent View Post

    your last point : probably true. when I get mine about "right ".. I feel the need to push buttons till I break it. Uhg!
    I do good titanium bkups.. but haven't had had much luck doing a full reload after a wiipe. so we start over

    first point : I don't like it. but admit I haven't run it much and don't use a paid source. I think I will have to give Netflix a try finally.
    not a fan of the ui or navigating through it. To me it is slow, cumbersome, and misses on the learning curve for my preferences.

    Then again, I hate the childish ms inspired tiled launchers the lazy graphics deficient developers are married to. It's hideous and cheap!
    I guess it really depends on how you use your device. I have purchased around 3 dozen of these boxes in the last 5 or 6 years, and 95% of them were the touch screen version of Android. I have numerous different mice and air mice, and that is not counting all the alpha/numeric keypads I have purchased to go with them. I have installed Linux on several of those boxes, and different versions of OpenELEC, LibreELEC and CoreELEC on most of my boxes.

    I just like to tinker, and always waiting for the next item to drop. BUT, NO more Rockshit boxes....
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      It gets a run once in awhile been busy so yet to update to the latest, but it works well i find for what it has to offer, I don't need or use a lot of the options yet one day it will happen but working ok for me.
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        I d think I could surf 30 boxes.

        I'm a builder/ fabricator.
        Design follows function. "Close" does not get it in my world, not for long. And you damn sure can't build a business on it... for long anyway.

        ​​​​​​.... Enter the Chinese. Apparently, my lifeling philosophy is flawed.

        The rk3399 N6max started off badly, but I think... Think I may like it a lot. Again though, not going deep under the hood.

        Looks like the 905x2 is probably the most promising soc presently.
        Maybe the 922 will incorporate the benefits of both it and the 912s... Now that might be hard to beat.
        Especially if Apie or the reliable structure it needs.
        Kris....don't forget my boxes! Okay?