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Noob question - 1st post - g18ref_th10

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    Noob question - 1st post - g18ref_th10

    Morning all

    Been suggested I join these forums with a view to trying to understand some problems I am having with my 'box'!

    The model I have is:

    just has 2 USB ports on the side:

    Model number is: MBX Reference board (g18ref_th10)
    Android version: 4.2.2
    Build Number: JDQ39.20140812.V0801

    Kernel Version: 3.0.50-00013-g63375f5-dirty

    All was working fine up until about 4 weeks ago when all of sudden the unit would just not play any HD content without the audio being massively out of sync. Tried the whole audio off set but didn't seem to do anything. Seems to have gradually got worse since then with now struggling to play some HQ stuff, never mind HD. Constantly buffering etc.

    Was suggested on another forum to update firmware but all references seem to be towards other boxes, so just wanted to check if somebody could confirm:

    1. Is it worth updating the firmware?
    2. Is there a version to update to?
    3. Can anybody point me in the right direction of where the f/w is and instructions on how to update?

    Thanks for any help.