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MK808 better Wifi??? rt5370

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    MK808 better Wifi??? rt5370

    Hi everybody.

    First off, I am extremely green when it comes to the linux OS and commands, so please provide answers in lamens terms when it comes to the linuxy stuff.

    I have an MK808 that's currently getting terrible wifi bitrate (small shows freeze constantly when watching from my NAS). I've got one of the wierd one's with the two pins on one side to one wifi antenna, and the cable to the other wifi antenna on the other side.

    I've installed finless rom 2.1, and all is working fantastic except for the wifi. I have a wifi usb dongle with a rt5370 chipset. There's another forum on here that mentions it, but then gets hijacked into supporting a different chipset. I'd really like to get this one to work, so if anybody knows how to get this working on finless 2.1 I would be forever greatful. The only linux I've worked with is installing DDWRT and Optware on a router, so I do know some of the basics of the environment.

    P.S. The following rom appears to have support for the rt5370, is there any way to get this one working on finless 2.1?

    Re: MK808 better Wifi??? rt5370

    Hello, its a matter of take vendor drivers and compile them using kernel source.
    Have not been able to find finless and 2dark4you github. Maybe I didnt search deep or maybe they just want to reserve their code for them. Understandable, in that case you should pm finless or 2dark4you or even leolas requesting this and providing vendor drivers source or files (.ko module, dat, etc) found somewhere else so they can include that into their kernels.

    Other way is to try to load via insmod the .ko module found but sometimes that may not work and other workarounds may be needed (because other files need to added too) for the new vendor drivers work. In that case you can get them to work via command line and not from WiFi settings until a kind dev include drivers into his kernel.

    Now for the chipset you're mentioning I found the files but right now I'm not in my PC. I'll post link soon. Found them on .

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      I've been looking a little more into this and it looks like some people have had some luck with these chipsets on other Linux based platforms:

      and this thread contains a link to the drivers:

      but being new to Linux I really don't know what they're talking about or would know how to adapt it to mk808 running finless 2.1. any more help that can be provided would be awesome. this community seems pretty cool (at least from the 3000 or so threads I've already read trying to get this box tweaked the way I want it), super helpful, even to other newbs like me


        Better WiFi

        I have a MK808B with the same setup, the 2 pins in one side and the wire to some kind of antenna thing. On another board someone indicated that the circuit board for these things was poorly designed, so perhaps there may be no software solution. I suspect mine came defectively assembled and the antenna with the wire connection was assembled wrong.

        There were 2 pads on the antenna but the wire which would be a coaxial wire with the ground on the outside had only been soldered to one of the pads.
        I replace the antenna with a wire loop.

        There probably is however some other problem still, since the only way I can get a good connection is to put my MK808B so my wire antenna and the wlan antenna are literally touching. Some apps that I got indicate that once connected the signal is very strong but first getting the connection is nearly impossible until I 'jiggle' the screen HDMI settings. For some reason constantly going from one screen setting to another seem to help in establishing a wlan connection. Once connected my speed is almost as good as my wired connection.


          I'm really trying to avoid the soldering a wire method. not because I'm worried about the soldering, just don't think its really a proper fix for this issue. I've spent hours looking into this and haven't found anybody that really seems to have gotten it working. Thought maybe Bob or Leolas may have some insight into this one. Does anybody have any idea where I can go from here? it really is unwatchable streaming even the smallest content.