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OLD - UG802 2dark4u/Finless custom ROM version 1.7

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    OLD - UG802 2dark4u/Finless custom ROM version 1.7

    Wow all.... what can I say?
    This ROM was made by Alex and I just for you all! Talk about a labor of love for the hobby we both enjoy!
    Alex (2dark4u) and I over the last week have been up super late every night to work on this. Realize PLEASE... I am in USA California and Alex is in Ukrain... We are on the other side of the world!
    To work live together both of us have stayed up to VERY late hours MANY days!

    So with that said... If you like this ROM. Please donate! You have no idea how many man hours went into this creation! Also, Alex does not have a donate link yet. So if you donate to me and want donations to go to Alex, Please put that in your donate comments on paypal! I will make sure Alex gets it!

    Downloads..... So we at FreakTab cannot afford to host ROM downloads anymore. We in fact have moved to a new hosting company for the web site. Special thanks to Trunk Rainer (neomode) for keeping us alive! We just have not had enough donations or advertisers to pay the bandwidth bills!
    So please help us to help you by donating!
    The ROM dev's here will now be putting ROMs on Goggle Drive, DropBox, etc. But as you know these can be overwhelmed with downloads! So our policy has changed. FEEL FREE to put our roms UNCHANGED on mirriors!

    Thank you all for your support!


    NOW onto what this ROM kit is.....

    This is ALL in the readme of the download!

    Release Notes:
    This was made from the latest Ugoos ROM for system.img but with a custom kernel by Alex (2dark4u).
    There are a huge amount of changes in this ROM. See below for features.

    In this ROM kit are custom kernels for overclock.
    Some will burn out your UG802 if you do not have a heatsink on the processor!
    SO BE CAREFUL which you choose. I did my best to explain in the README.txt for instructions on what to do!
    DO NOT BLAME ME OR Alex (2dark4u) IF YOU BURN UP YOUR UG802!!!!

    This ROM is YOUR responsibility if you flash this. YOUR WARRANTY is voided for sure!



    Features in 1.7 ROM:

    The BIG feature! TRUE 1080P resolution if you want it!

    1) A choice of custom kernels with Overclock support and FULL 1080P resolution!
    WARNING! Be careful which kernel you choose for overclock!
    Without a heatsink on the processor you CAN BURN OUT YOUR UG802!!!!

    2) OC Kernels are also provided for 720p for users that do not have a TV with 1080.
    See instructions IN THE ROM KEY README for deciding which kernel and boot.img to flash!

    3) Fully rooted with the latest SU and SuperUser.apk

    4) FULL Goole Play store! Thanks for tips from 2dark4u this enables full market in regions like Ukrain!
    For instance, onlive APP should now show in Google Play!

    5) All GAPPs updated to latest. This includes the latest Play Store, GMS Core, Youtube, Gmail, etc.
    However Google Search is not updated as the latest cannot be a system APP. So update that once you are running.

    6) I added a reboot APP that will allow you to reboot the device from the Android UI. No more unplugging the unit!

    7) I give you the HIDE STATUS BAR feature BUILT IN!
    On the status bar is a DOWN arrow icon. Click it and status bar is gone!
    To bring it back just go into settings and it will pop back up.

    8) I give you the TV Browser we have seen in other uGoos ROMs. So this ROM like all my ROMs has both launchers!

    9) Full init.d support has been added! If you do not know what that is... ignore it.
    Basically it allows you to install scripts that run at boot time.
    If your interested, google search V6SuperCharger for a neat speed booster script.

    10) User APP space by default was only 512MB.
    I have now given you 2 parameter files to chose from! A 1GB APP space and a 2GB APP space choice!
    By default the 1GB is chosen in the flash tool. This leaves 1.67GB Internal SDcard.
    You can choose the 2GB parameter file which will leave you with only 670MB Internal SDcard.
    The choice is yours!
    So, if you flash this ROM using the PC based flash tool, you get more APP space. However, using
    the SDcard update.img method for this ROM still leaves you with 504MB. Update.img from SDcard cannot
    repartition the memory space. So if you want the larger APP space, use the PC flash tool.
    To choose the 2GB parameter file, in the flash tool click the empty box to the far right of the parameter line.
    A file browser will open. Navigate to the FinlessROM folder and select the parameter2gb file.
    YOU MUST ERASE NAND (IDB) for this to work!

    11) I added the Xbox Xpad.ko module as well as the XML file tweaks to support other game controllers.

    12) I also added cifs.ko and md4.ko BUT! I have not tested them myself! So you all need to let me know CIFS works or not.


    The insturstions for how to flash and use kernels is in the readme of the download!
    READ THEM before you ask questions!


    OK so here is the ROM download. It is on my Google Drive account!
    I expect this to be overwhlemed by downloads and CUT OFF by Google!....
    So users that got it PLEASE post mirriors for others!

    As I said above, Freaktab has not gotten enough donations or advertisers to pay for direct downloads anymore! So we now have to use free file sharing sites

    ROM DOWNLOAD -> ug802 2dark4u/Finless 1.7 ROM (247 megs)

    I hope you enjoy this KICK ASS ROM! Well Alex and I thnk it is kick ass
    You let us know!

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      Re: NEW - UG802 2dark4u/Finless custom ROM version 1.7 - true 1080 and overclock - AND best performance ever!

      Thanks soooo much

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        Thanks Guys for your hard work and perfect result

        I have made a donation to you both hopefully many will follow!


          Good Job,

          We are waiting for the same effort for the MK808



            Can we use that firmware to Our MK808 too..
            Are the UG802 and mK808 using same firmware ?


              Well done!


                Thanks + Mirrors

                Originally posted by Finless View Post
                At long last awaited ROM! Thank you guys! Also i have donated 15$, to show that i appreciate your effort (maybe I'll donate more later).

                (Uloz.to - ulozto.net is Czech well-known data sharing website)
                (my clan website, clan is stagnant anyways, but if there is going to be extreme traffic i'll delete it, you can achiev 2.5 - 3.5 MB/s - Neither transfer speed and ammount of transfered data is limited)
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                  Installed and working properly with 1080p kernel.

                  Now icons and text are much smaller on screen and this might be a problem depending on the sofa-TV distance.

                  Not found any problems or errors, everything is working flawless


                    hey bob there still seems to be some flickering artefacts in 1080p


                      From v1.6 to v1.7

                      I'm having trouble installing v1.7 over my v1.6 installation. Unfortunately I have no backup of original system, and now my Flash Tool can't connect. I think I miss the old launcher (the one with TV Tube Icon etc.). How can I install the v1.7 from v1.6? Any help on this issue?

                      Edit: After several attempts it finally connected. Everything works flawlessly :-)

                      BIG thanks to you guys!!
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                          To Everyone:
                          Please write your kernels which you preferred after your comments about that New firmware...
                          someone say everything is normal, other one say opposite...


                            Originally posted by baybora72 View Post
                            To Everyone:
                            Please write your kernels which you preferred after your comments about that New firmware...
                            someone say everything is normal, other one say opposite...
                            There are just a few posts and noone is complaining about 1.7 (so far). Now tell us, what the heck are you talking about? In my opinon your post lacks some information and thus i don't see relevation with this thread.


                              Great job Bob and Alex!
                              I'm still downloading but I would like to make a suggestion:

                              Please add the original MD5 / SHA1 hashes of the zip file (or maybe the .img files) so that if we get it from another source, we know 100% if it is untouched.
                              Not that I don't trust the guys here, but just so everybody knows what they're getting.

                              To anyone who maybe me interested.

                              Original zip file from google docs
                              MD5 9C766ECBBB92B67B9C5CA5838FBFFDFB
                              SHA-1 ACC8C2BA723AA2CEB0DD2AC56C6A53409900182D
                              Last edited by gabb; 12-01-2012, 15:38.