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Fineless 2.0 Kernel Port?

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    Fineless 2.0 Kernel Port?

    I just flashed this on my UG802:

    Works fine, everything works except for WiFi.
    When I try to flash my kernel (with the right config for WiFi), or any other I see a distorted image (I really don't know how to explain it ... looks just weird and you can see nearly nothing)

    Can someone port the current Kernel to 4.2.2 so WiFI works, or has anyone an idea what to change there (I can make and release a kernel then)

    I'm interested, thanks for putting risk
    put that kernel?

    tried 2dark4u?

    sorri mi ingles


      No 3.0.8+ kernel will work with 4.2.2. You need a 3.0.36+ kernel or the screen will be all messed up.
      There is no porting. You have to have kernel sources and recompile a new kernel.

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