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New Stock Firmware for CS968A (KitKat) AP6210 20141225 720p, Boot Loader 2.19...

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    A new firmware with date 2015.04.07 is available in baidu (post #16). RAR file is 627MB; it took me close 4:30h to complete the download.

    I'm thinking that the last two firmwares in baidu are custom ROMs and no official firmwares.



      Appeared new tools:


      New firmware:


      CSQ released list of new models, intersting--but there is in the list RockChip 3368:

      Some other firmwares:


      Firmware details
      Archive name: CS968A_ap6210_root_CSQ_4.4.2_20150407
      Firmware file name: htc_t018_ap6210_root_CSQ_4.4.2_20150407.img
      Archive size: 627 MB
      Model: CS968A
      Platform: Rockchip RK3188
      Frmware version: 4.4.02
      Boot version: 2.19
      Build number: rk3188-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.zz.20150407.161952 test-keys



      Firmware details
      Archive name: htc_t018_public_ap6210_4.4.2_20150110(1)
      Image: htc_t018_public_ap6210_4.4.2_20150110.img
      Archive size: 286 MB
      Model: T018 / CS968 TV Box
      Model number: rk3188
      Platform: Rockchip RK3188
      Frmware version: 4.4.02
      Boot version: 2.19
      Build number: rk3188-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.zz.20150110.115455 test-keys

      https://mega.co.nz/#!mwEEGLJB!qPKNlG...fSa_fvpZG nyu4


      Firmware details
      Archive name: update_tv03 6210 4.4 xbmc_2015.3.20
      Image: update_tv03 6210 4.4 xbmc_2015.3.20.img
      Archive size: 307 MB
      Model: CS968 / CR11 / MK809 III TV Boxes
      Model number: rk3188
      Platform: Rockchip RK3188
      Frmware version: 4.4.02
      Boot version: 2.13
      Build number: rk3188-eng 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.root.20150320.094513 test-keys

      DOWNLOAD: https://mega.co.nz/#!mEQnSZyB!-a6ZAp...R-s5Rv9r_yAdBs

      Can someone report if updates are worth updating? what is new there?
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        I did test firmwares. I downloaded and installed at first two firmwares from Chinagadgetsreviews. Both are ok and work ok.

        but the most interesting for was to test firmware donwloade from SZ-CSQ.com from here:

        http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3eMjZZ CS968A_ap6210_root_CSQ_4.4.2_20150407

        I am impressed.

        Remember I wrote e-mail to SZ-CSQ.com? Looks like company hears its clients and did some changes in firmware which is really good thing.

        THere is already no software which sits in notification area, and also there are no software which not possible to delete--So I am very impressed.

        But I decided to test it and show results in order people could see what has changed and if it is really worth it to update to it.


        Desktop looks ok. I really Do like this default Launcher which is called Google Now Launcher. Like I said before--nothing sits anymore in Notification Are from start and also there are no such apps which not possible to delete. So Looks like Manufacturer really listens to community which is awesome news.
        Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and LAN work. Everything is responsive, at first it updates SuperSU, Google Services, GMail. Firmware has as default 720P kernel and also comes pre-rooted and thus has SuperSU pre-installed.

        Apps which come as default from start. Among them is possible to notice new selection of Apps:
        • 1 Mobile Market;
        • FilmOn Live TV;
        • Netflix;
        • Shafa Market;
        • Show Box;
        • 2 Chinese apps.

        Problem with Ukrainian language stayed unresolved. About Device tab in Ukrainian language should be Про пристрій, but we have here Про устрій which is mistake. Maybe they use translator which does all automatically and not properly? Maybe sometimes is better to use human to correct mistakes rather then rely completely on computers?

        Here is possible to see that Android version is 4.4.2 and model is CS968A and rest of the info as kernel version and date of assembling.

        List of Apps which are shown as Downloaded from start.

        and the rest of Apps in Download area.

        List of Apps that are located on internal SD-Card.

        In Antutu v5.7.1 Firmware scored 21366 points. Also is possible to sahre score--so it means that manufacturer did not change internal counter and thus score is real.

        Video-testing part in Antutu.
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          Security Testing:

          I installed all major Antivirus software in order to find out if anything changed in security area since last firmware release.

          Security is very important to have on Android--because we trust to it all passwords from our Gmail, and from our accounts. Also it could access all our info and transmit somewhere.

          AVG found three threats.

          Two of threats are standard--Installation of software from unknown soursec which can be turned off in settings and Root mode which can not be changed.

          But the most interesting was third threat--APP which is called Show Box.

          Avira also found some problem.

          Avira also classified Show Box as Potentially Unwanted Application or in other words ADWARE.

          Dr.WEB found nothing dangerous.

          No Threats Detected by Dr.WEB.

          Kaspersky Internet Security also found nothing.

          Norton Mobile Security started to search for Malware.

          And found nothing. I just wonder-- Norton searches only for Malware and ignores Adware?

          McAfee Mobile Security found only one threat--and it is Norton Mobile Security. THreat is based either on Privacy base or on Competition base.

          Another interesting thing is that McAfee Mobile Security after installation has on Desktop Icon present which sits all the time at right corner of the screen. Users have to decided themself if they like it--but at least you know that you yourself installed McAfee and trust it probably and also you can easily uninstall it if it bothers you eventually.

          If to press on McAfee Icon--shows bigger window.

          Avast also found nothing.

          ESET Mobile Security found some Threats.

          ESET Mobile Security also classified Show Box as Adware.

          Detailed depiction what Show Box could possible do to the system later.

          Security Summary:

          The best heare were such Antivirus software:
          • AVG--detected Adware;
          • Avira--also did show at the threats;
          • ESET--also showed that there are risks and explained what risks are.

          Neutral Antivirus software:
          • Dr.WEB--behaved as nothign happend;
          • Kaspersky Internet Security also ignored risks;
          • Norton Mobile Security possible Scanned only for Malware and thus found no Adware;
          • McAfee Mobile Security was more concerned about competition from Norton side or possibly Norton is really have some privacy issues--we can only guess which is true;
          • Avast found nothing as well.

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            Complete Summary on CS968A_ap6210_root_CSQ_4.4.2_20150407 firmware:

            First of all--I like that SZ-SCQ listened to its customers and removed suspicious software from firmware. But at same time in firmware are present still somefunny software which could possible give some privacy or unexpected issues, so I decided to uninstall those Apps:
            • 1 Mobile Market;
            • FilmOn Live TV;
            • Netflix;
            • Shafa Market;
            • Show Box;
            • 2 Chinese apps.

            What I like is that Uninstall Apps this time is easy--because they are not so deeply built in. Of course they possibly would appear after Factory Restore--but at least we have some decision right now. In order to get rid of them altogether--we need to disassemble Android firmware--remove them--and then assemble firmware back.

            Also SZ-CSQ will have to translate properly Ukrainian About Device Tab.

            CPU-Z still does not run properly and during launch returns to desktop.

            One time I had some issue--after I scaled Android picture to fit edges on Monitor--next time I turned on device--it was not scaled already. Then I redid--and next time was fitting screen edges. Do not know if this problem is common or just happened--but have to say about it for sure. Maybe to change menu how to Scale image to fit edges in order it could be more reasonable to use and more simple to adjust?


              how do you download the firmware from the site linked? i just get and 11mb .exe downloading?



                what you mean? Link does not work for downloading?

                You have to open this link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3eMjZZ
                And then press on CS968 folder and browse inside it and you will see this:

                And then you tick the file you want to download and press on button with Arrow facing downwards--and downloading starts.


                  I wrote another E-Mail to http://sz-csq.com/
                  Hope they will improve the next version of Stock firmware and remove all pre-installed apps giving the community really clean Android experience. Possibly two versions--one with 720P kernel and another with 1080P.
                  Lets hope that all will be ok.