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Need help with a 22' tablet with a3188 cpu

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    Need help with a 22' tablet with a3188 cpu

    my Name is Michael i'm from Germany. I got a presentation tablet from a friend and investet many hours but it doesn't work.
    The tablet is a 22' made by Glorystar. The model nr. is TAD 215-a4. Printed on the Mainboard is 013-TAD151-RK3188-V1.4
    I can put it into loader mode and tried to flash it with several Images but all i get is a black Screen.
    If someone helps me to get it working i'm willing to pay 50 Euros via Paypal (otherwise i can use the tablet to serve Drinks)

    Thank you for help

    Hi Michibell ,

    why dont you ask for a Firmware on the Site u linked ??? and its a RK3288 , nearly same Specs as a Pipo P Series Tablet !!!

    but better i think is trying a RK3288 TV Box Rom , what did you already tried to flash ???

    I am from good old Germany too , good Luck

    nice Day from NRW



      That is a nice device, hope you find a fix for it.

      It would be interesting to see if Ugoos' Linux would boot from an SD card. I'm almost sure it would run, but the TAD would need the right bootloader.

      I wonder if the Firefly 3288 bits would work. They have an Android 4.4 and Linux that boot/run from SD card. Might be worth a try, like the Ugoos Linux, no changes are made to the device.

      If any of these worked for you, you could consider some of the installed versions to burn to the device. You may find that things like WiFi/BT don't work, but Eth usually will. And the touchscreen could be iffy.

      Otherwise, I hope the maker provides the proper solution.



        thanks a lot for your hints. I will try everything today an let you know what happens. I keep my promise. if someone posts a solution i will send him 50 Euros.
        @ Gefattern: i allready send Glorystar an email and asked for the Firmware, but i haven*t got an answer yet. It's a 3188 chip. Thats what is printed on the Mainboard (013-TAD151-RK3188-V1.4)
        Grüße nach NRW aus RLP.



          Michibell, my suggestions were based on a 3288 device. As when I looked at the model # TAD-215-A4, the model shown had a 3288 listed under the Specs tab. Though in the Specs shown at the top, it says a 1.6GHz(usually associated with the 3188) processor, 3288 is usually described as 1.8GHz. So there seems to be a conflict on the page and between your devices model number and the info printed on the board. I would assume the info printed on the PCB is most accurate. And there it shows TAD-151 and seems to indicate a 3188.
          If yours is a 3188, the stuff I suggested will not work.

          The Radxa Rock is a 3188 device. They have a few SD card images on their download page over there. I have a 3188, but never attempted to run an OS from SD card.

          Of course, anything you try will be done at the user's risk. I assume no responsibility. I say that to everyone, a standard disclaimer.

          Speaking for myself, if somehow something I end up posting helps you, I would accept no payment for it. However, if you find a solution here on Freaktab, donations to Freaktab are always welcomed.

          Hope you find a solution.
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            Hi Michibell,

            I came across your post just now. I hope this question is still relevant to you and you didn't already serve drinks with the tablet.

            Just send me a PM on here. I'm very positive I can help you with this GS RK3188 board and 21.5" screen. I've worked with these devices daily for the last couple years.
            Would be happy to help you with this.

            Viele Grüße,


              Hi people,
              cann you help my too pleas I hab a Tablet with Linux and android but I dont know how it works.
              I am from Germany.
              here the pictures..


                Hi SergioTorres,

                I've sent you a PM a while ago. Maybe you didn't get a notification. ^^



                  I have the same problem with a RK3188 device 22" smart monitor from ViewSonic VSD224 Android 4.4.2 bootloop no recovery and keys combination.
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