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Strong Rock Box 4 - RK3188 16gb 2gb

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    Strong Rock Box 4 - RK3188 16gb 2gb

    hi guys,

    I was handed this box to see if I could get it up and running. When turned on it just goes to a blue LED but absolutely no display. Holding down the reset button on the side stays on red LED, but no display also. Cant find any information about it online. Managed to put Ubuntu on an SD card and boot into Ubuntu using a Raxda ubuntu image that was floating about but ethernet and wifi dont work. INXI doesnt work on there, so I can't get detailed information I pulled the only info I could from lshw.

    apparently the network interface is asix ax88772b

    so its:

    RK3188 quadcore cpu
    mali 400
    asix ax88772b

    either it's semi bricked or theres nothing on the device that will let it boot via HDMI. I have nothing else to test it on. Because Ubuntu works, I figure the box is still good. Is there anyway I can either get network drivers working or a copy of a similar android image I can write to an SD card to boot from?

    website description states:

    Rock-Box by STRONG Australia, is the latest offering in HD Media Players, available in Dual and Quad Core options; due for release April 2014, this Media Player promises to be The Ultimate Media Player

    Plays Full HD Movies, Music and Photos on your HD TV
    Dual (SRT RB2) and Quad Core (SRT RB4) versions available, Android Operating system (4.2.2), Full Web Browser
    Access HD Movie content through Netflix, Hulu+ & more (requires US VPN)
    Access Google Playstore for Apps, Games, Movies and more
    Watch multimedia Files via USB or Micro SD Card reader, plays virtually any file format
    1GBRAM with 8GB storage (SRT RB2) or 2GB RAM, with 16GB storage (SRT RB4)
    Built in Wi-Fi and LAN
    Built in Bluetooth and Microphone
    Plays AAA Android games and Retro game emulators
    DLNA File sharing
    Video Streaming
    Features rotatable, non-detachable Wi-Fi antenna for stronger signal strength
    Suitable for XBMC and other Media applications
    HDMI and Composite outputs
    MEPS power saving
    Compact design 115 x 115 x 30mm (Antenna height 120mm)
    Comes with a Remote with on screen keyboard and mouse feature or you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse or keyboard/trackpad

    any help to get this thing booting into Android would be much appreciated thanks

    apparently the user manual is here but its useless
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