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    Help Update rom and other questions

    Hello everybody,

    My dad have an ekb328 iptv box, branded ott,
    but it buggy,
    I would to know if there any update (ota not available) or an alternative rom
    I found a link but i don't know if it compatible with this box

    Knowing i would to connect it both in wifi and ethernet,
    And when the box turn on, I would to automise a task (open an app or launch the last app opened)

    Do you have an idea how to do this,

    And at the last, how to conncet a radio remote control with gyroscope to use it with the box.

    Thank you very much and Sorry for my Bad english

    Hello, I do not have this box. You may need more information from the device's board. ...examples, board number, version, revision.
    Info on 3288 devices. An example.
    There is a thread for ENY made boxes.
    Use caution when selecting new firmware.
    Good luck.


      Thank you Riscy,to see the pcb info i should open the box or an App like cpuz or hwinfo make the job ?


        That info is on the board, so opening the case is required. You can see the example linked above, to see what it might look like. Be cautious opening the box, sometimes there will be an antenna wire attached. Refrain from touching circuit components.