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G3288 Dev Board from Graperain (Infotainment + GAuges for OldsMobile)

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    G3288 Dev Board from Graperain (Infotainment + GAuges for OldsMobile)

    Hello Guys, New B here and to make it harder, I'm from France

    Bought a G3288 Dev Board from graperain based on a RK3288 Chip

    with all the features anyone could dream of! And as you can see, if you go the page
    it is pretty pack up with stock capabilities! by the way I've got Android, Linux & Ubuntu
    stock firware for this board if interested!

    But the board came with a shity 5.1.1 Android Os

    - Shity & getting stuck boot (at least when it does)
    - Ethernet ?! , on the lift
    - G sensor ?!, on vacation
    - Temp sensors ?!, never came to work...
    - Audio out ?!, what the hell are you talking about...
    - GPS ?!, do you mean Give me some PusS..........y

    Well you name it!!!! Board is supposed to be a killa one and shit, accordingly to specs
    but Firmware is crap. Been struggling with customers service from day 1!
    Has all the hardware your Android phone does! But doesn't work so well!!!
    So here I am, playing with my self

    With that been said I wanna use a 7" touch screen with the HDMI interface for infotainment
    working for now)
    along side a 10.25" streched bar tft display for gauges on my oldsmobile, do you feel me!
    Dual screen capability, well, that's what they say!

    7" screen would be runing a kind of VLC for Audio and Video, Waze for Maps (Obviously)
    Maybe Deezer if I'm in the mood and Android Auto for conviniance!!!! Easy Peezy!!!

    Then 10.25" would be running RealDash via the LVDS interfaced with an Arduino for car Gauges from Napko Demo Here....!!!!!

    So the idea is (That's where you guys could point me the the right direction) to squeez the OS to it's bare minimum
    cuting out all the shity uneeded apps adding drivers then add the needed apps to run natavely!
    Then That's where you guys could point me the the right direction or maybe let me know if this is crap!!!!

    I'm a fast learner so through it all at me !!! Thanks in advance