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WiFi suddenly very poor, nothing changed afaik

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    WiFi suddenly very poor, nothing changed afaik

    Very odd, but my Wifi on my RK3288 has been horrible the last few times using it...

    I have run speedtest and hardly getting 1mbps, while my LAN is 1000mbps...Other WiFi devices have no issues getting good speed readings and the signal is great on all...

    I also know it's not my WiFi connection since I used my mobile hotspot as a WiFi connection temporarily and had the same exact issue...

    Any idea what could be wrong? I use this device infrequently and have maybe 3 apps installed, none of which are new...


    I bet your neighbors have upgraded after Xmas all around you. The more wireless devices in an area, the more congestion. That is why I am a strong proponent of wired networks for devices that are permanent, such as TV, AVR, media player, phone base, printer, and blu-ray player. The router should be able to carry all media loads and dispribute to wireless mobile devices and laptops on he wireless side. But not many people do that, now these days. So you will see more and more channel overlap, until more people use AC networks and stop using repeaters and signal boosters to talk over each others networks.