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Bluetimes RK3288 boxes

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    I just found out that the Ethernet changes mac address at every reboot how can i fix this behavior ??


      I am afraid i don't have a resource.img only this: BluetimesQpro-plus-rk3288-_AP6330_public_20150207.img which is the whole image in one big file 759mb

      Can i somehow decompress the img file and get to the contents inside and then repack it ?


        Can anyone please modify my image to include the slow LAN fix and the mac fix ?. I get no support from the hardware provider. Or at least give me detailed instructions on how to do it myself ?.
        The box in its current state is not usable very much. It can only play SD and a few HD files.


          OK thanks to your help i managed to decompress the image to its individual files and also unpacked Resource.img to logo.bmp and rk-kernel.dtb. So whats next ? . Please bare with me i haven't done this before
          Should i edit rk-kernel.dtb somehow ?


            I attach my resource.img. If i understand everything correctly after editing the resourced.img ( switch i dont know how) i go to AndroidTool V2.3, first tab , check only line 5 Resource , edit the location and click on run to download only this specific file to my device, without messing with the rest of the image Correct ?
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              The guys from bluetimes send me another image :



              But what a huge disappointment, the image didn't fix any of my issues and on-top of that introduced again an old problem ( spdif passthru not working with loud noise ) that was resolved.

              I don't know what to think anymore. Starting to lose hope that this box will ever work as advertised.


                Maybe you guys can correct what Bluetimes can't


                  Can anyone please let me know if i can safely install the following image onto my Bluetimes QPRO ?



                    Hello again,

                    Can anyone please tell me how can i fix the very slow wired Ethernet Lan on this RK3288 device?
                    I have looked around and from what i have found its possible to change the tcp/ip rx - tx_delay and this will address the problem some-how.
                    Can anyone be so kind as to provide me with detailed instructions on how to apply the fix ?
                    Also applying the fix will wipe all my data on my Bluetimes ?

                    I have also tried all the compatible roms with no results, some roms even had messed up sound with the pass thru audio not working.



                      I have managed to extract my image file and then unpack the resource file,

                      here is the file that was inside:


                      I decompiled the dtb file to dts


                      What i am trying to do is edit rx tx_delay to fix the slow Lan on my box

                      the rx - tx delay is as follows:

                      tx_delay = <0x30>;
                      rx_delay = <0x20>;

                      What should i change the values to ?
                      should i just change the rx_delay to 10 ?

                      can i also add a mac address under tx - rx delay like this ? :
                      mac-address = [3e0c7948d74e]; #Mac address is 3e:0c:79:48:d7:4e


                        Someone should try wasser lollipop rom on this device. I got working on the mk902ii 2 usb ports on left side not working and sound bug *drivers unload odd times? No WiFi but very stable other then those known things no mouse or studders in video and video looks crisper to me
                        Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.



                          I know this is an old thread, but if anyone is still reading this i managed to rip off the cable that goes to the wifi antenna when trying to make ventilation holes on the case. I solder the wire back but the wifi signal is poor now.

                          Obviously i must have soldered the connection wrongly can anyone post a clear picture on where exactly you solder the wire ? i found some picture but they are not that clear.