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Custom ROM - Bluetimes QPRO/MK902II/CS918II/CX998/CS968/Cloudnetgo CR12/13/16

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    Link in the first page is can i download the rom?


      Originally posted by snikege View Post
      Link in the first page is can i download the rom?
      I packed rom into single img file and set userdata partition to 3GB.


        Is there a custom rom that will fix slow lan issues with the Bluetimes QPro ?



          OK i will try it, is this in any way dangerous to the device haven't tried editing raw values before ? Thanks a lot for your help working gigabit Lan would be awesome


            Thanks a lot working Gigabit Lan sounds awesome, haven't edited raw values before but i will give it a go. If one makes a mistake when editing a value could this brick the device ? or just render a feature useless ?



              The Lan of the Bluetimes QPro is indeed slow but i think this isn't not the root of my problem. I tried viewing "Tears of steel" in 4K from a Intel SSD ( and old fashioned HD ) connected on the USB ports and the unit was unable to playback the video properly with constant stuttering and buffering.

              Details of the File in question:


              Format: MKV
              Source: 4096x1714 16-bit tiffs from regraded 4K render
              Video: 4096x1714 at 24.000 fps, [email protected], crf, ~ 139 Mbps avg
              Audio # 1: English: 48 kHz, AC3, 3/2 (L, C, R, l, r) + LFE ch, ~ 640 kbps avg
              Subtitles: Russian, English, etc.

              4K DCP 4096 x 2160 (14 GB, Digital Cinema Package) :: Mirror 1 (Netherlands)

              Anything you can suggest about that ?



                Regarding the Ethernet Lan :

                * when connected to a gigabit switch is very slow and i am guessing it reverts to 10mbps.

                * The Lan only works when connected to a 100mbps switch or when connected to a gigabit switch but cutting off pins 4,5,7,8 ( to force 100mbps negotiation )

                * My cable checks out fine with a Lan Tester

                * Iperf (installed on the android box ) shows a speed of about 80mbps which should be enough to play back movies but in reality high encoded movies ( 10gb+ in size ) stutter when played over the network.


                  The image i want to flash is this one :



                  Does this image requires the trick you told me earlier ?



                    Is there anyway i can verify that before installing the image ? Maybe the rx_delay will be already set at 0x20 ? is there a way to apply the fix after installing the image ( i have ssh access to the box ).
                    Also any ideas why i cant playback properly "Tears of Steal" ( 140mbps ) ?

                    I cant reproduce all files from here :


                    with no problem even the 120mbps one.

                    Thanks for your time


                      Hello again,

                      I tried unpacking my image file to perform the trick you suggested and i get the error below:

                      C:\>restool -unpack image.img

                      ResTool v1.0 by Burs

                      Analyzing 'image.img'...
                      Resource file header mismatch! Not a resource file?




                        Can anyone please find some time and make a custom rom based on the latest QPro Firmware i have provided including the fixes for slow lan, static mac and allow overclock. With these 3 fixes i suppose we have all the major issues resolved and many QPro owners will benefit from that.

                        Thanks a lot


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                          Editing a comment
                          You posted in area that is not q box. Locate area for qbox ask that in that thread.

                        The guys from bluetimes send me another image :



                        But what a huge disappointment, the image didn't fix any of my issues and on-top of that introduced again an old problem ( spdif passthru not working with loud noise ) that was resolved.

                        Can you guys produce a new bug-free image based on the new firmware provided by Bluetimes ?


                          Can anyone please let me know if i can safely install the following image onto my Bluetimes QPRO ?



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                            what is the problem , please use English , otherwise nobody can help ,

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