Geekbuying 7th Anniversary with great Promotion!

Around the world, you can find a lot of online stores. But in short, one of the most loved by users is Geekbuying.
Not only because it has an impressive number of products that are in all categories, but also because it presents us with
great promotions. Freaktab and Geekbuying have been grown together so let us celebrate it!
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HTC device overview

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    HTC device overview

    "Square" ones (same pcb):
    • BLUE TIMES (bluetimes) QPRO (QBOX pro),
    • Measy B4S
    • Cloudnetgo CR12
    • Rikomagic RKM MK902II
    • TV01II CS968 CS968II
    • CS968S ??
    • Ugoos UG-CS968S ??

    (also have a look at post #1)

    "Rectangular" one (same pcb):
    • OTT-928
    • CS928
    • CS918II

    (also have a look at post #1)

    Please use the 'general' overview thread to post!
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    RK3288 Devices
    - Overview BOX (LINK !)
    - Overview STICK (Dongle) (LINK !)

    MINIX NEO: Z64 W/A - (Intel Z3735F); X8-H Plus - (Amlogic S812H); A2 Lite (sponsored by
    UGOOS UT3S (4/32GB with fan) - FW 2.0.6 - (RK3288) (sponsored by
    Tronsmart Draco AW80 Meta (2/16GB) - FW v2.0rc3 - (Allwinner A80) (sponsored by
    Beelink / UBOX R89 - FW 111k4110_1219 - (RK3288) (sponsored by Netxeon (Beelink))

    RK3188: pcb => "CH001 1332 TN-BX09_V2.1" (K-R42 / CS918...) => wasser KK 1.0.3 (old rev)
    Fly Mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard with 2 mode learning IR remote 'iPazzPort KP-810-16'