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V825EU T032-V1.1 box

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    V825EU T032-V1.1 box

    Hi All,
    just bought my new RK3288 box. After opening it i found out its a HTC-T032-V1.1

    I bought following Box: "V825EU" Name on the barcode of package. Same metal case as "Z2 RK3288 Box".
    This brushed Aluminium really looks very nice and perfectly fits to my Silver Series from Pioneer (BDP-160-S, VSX-S510-S)

    The stock FW runs well. 37k in Antutu. build eng.ant.20141010-111652 test-keys

    The box is directly connected to the Pioneer AVR. Audio through HDMI plays directly from my AVR.
    (Dont have any 5.1 Equipment so no idea if 5.1 is working)
    Remote control (the one with the 4 differently colored buttons) is fully working.

    Have some question now before i change the FW.

    - Is there a working ROM-Dumper i can use to backup the stock ROM?
    - The Aluminium Case is bigger then the PCB. Therefore two USB Ports are connected, using a flat flexible cable, from the little port below the USB-Ports to a separate little board with another 2 USB Ports. Are the 2 USB-Ports, hidden inside the box, still working (in total 6x USB)?
    - What is the 2nd FFC connector for? The broad one.
    - Which ROM do you propose?

    Thanks in advance!
    Regards, Loewenzahn
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    Because of stock rom dump you should have a look at
    especially the readme at the download...
    Also helps to understand how the flash-tool and the partitions works...
    RK3288 Devices
    - Overview BOX (LINK !)
    - Overview STICK (Dongle) (LINK !)

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      Thanks a lot!
      This is my 1st RK3288 device with 4.4.2 so i have to study some things first before i change the box.

      I not sure anymore, but this is maybe the tool i already used in the past to dump my MK809 and CR9.
      Just saw another dumper-tool for RK3288 devices from Oma on their forum, so i will try to dump the ROM with both tools and will compare the images.

      Have a good day, Loewenzahn


        Really old firmware on that box too.
        Many devices now mk902ii/Shield/Mk68 /Ugoos/neox5/minix5 (yes they still work lol) mk80 no it doesnt work lol.