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New Ugoos 2.0.8 firmware for RK3288 brand line released

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  • RISCy Dude
    Thanks Eugene and Ugoos, I look forward to trying it tonight. Specifically the BT Fireasy connectivity. Again, thanks for listening and acting on user feedback.
    Link to Ugoos' forum for 2.0.8.
    Change log (version 2.0.8) – 13 June 2015:


    Android: add network monitor - Settings -> Ugoos Settings -> Show network activity
    Android: add Ethernet switcher (eth0, eth1 ...etc) for USB adapters - Settings -> Ethernet -> Interface
    Settings: add Save button in static ip settings
    Ugoos Settings: add checkbox for bluetooth prefix "FireFly-" for FireEasy control. Without it bluetooth connection will not work


    Sound: XBMC noise problem fixed
    Settings: fix Ethernet on/off switch logic
    Kernel:add ip multicast for Fireasy
    Audio: Bitstream: fix some receiver's hbr no sound issue
    Hdmi: fix edid list bug
    Audio: Bitstream: fix nlpcm/hbr audio compatiable problem
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  • New Ugoos 2.0.8 firmware for RK3288 brand line released

    Hi guys, for more information you can read Ugoos blog or Ugoos firmware topic on this forum. We will glad to hear your opinions and feedack!