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Rabian (Debian 8) distribution on UT3S

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    I saw the android fix, but I need it for linux. I'll test it on the new Ubuntu 15.04. I know for sure that Wi-Fi MAC can be changed in Radxa's Rabian.

    But regarding MAC addresses, shouldn't they be assigned from IEEE? Those provided by Ugoos seem to be totally fake. I hope they are different for each device and a well randomized, else I'll have a problem putting 10 devices in the same room...


      I confirm the brand new Ubuntu 15.04 distribution from Ugoos still can't change the Wi-Fi mac address from linux. :-(


        Originally posted by mo123 View Post

        Yes, please test Linaro.
        Maybe point to some screenshots or post some, would be nice to see how it compares.
        Then I can fix the audio on either Linaro or Rabian, whichever is best.
        Rabian seemed quicker generally and I was getting a lot of time outs trying to do apt-get update/upgrade with Linaro. I then had enough for the night and flashed back latest Wasser beta