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Which firmware for my ut3s 4gb/32gb

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    Which firmware for my ut3s 4gb/32gb

    Can some one give me advice which firmware to flash to my ut3s 4gb/32gb?
    I want to flash it with android and put Linux on the SD card (64gb).

    Until now I got the ugoos_ut3s_v2.2.0 firmware flashed. But it's giving me insufficient space to update my android apps. Also I'm having problems with the WiFi, switching on and off. Netflix is working fine. I uninstalled kodi because of insufficient memory space.

    With the new software I want to, not have WiFi problems, update my apps without memory issues, watch Netflix and IPTV with kodi (or other app) without out of sync problems and dual boot to Linux to use Linux without problems.

    Which software should I use? (Android and Linux.)

    The in advance for your advice!

    You can try the latest stock Lollipop firmware!8NIAyAxb!ZkBPy-kTx...czmIjz_HrnjH3I
    I don't know about Linux but it might run from the SD-Card.