Geekbuying 7th Anniversary with great Promotion!

Around the world, you can find a lot of online stores. But in short, one of the most loved by users is Geekbuying.
Not only because it has an impressive number of products that are in all categories, but also because it presents us with
great promotions. Freaktab and Geekbuying have been grown together so let us celebrate it!
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LibreELEC has been released for UT3(S)

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    Originally posted by Shimon View Post
    Yeah, but is the split 1/3 or 2/2 ?
    Can you explain a bit more?


      I meant the `VMSPLIT` kernel config option (the split between userspace and kernel virtual memory) but it seems that was a moot question, as PAE depends on the 3G/1G split (userspace/kernel).

      Or maybe not, LPAE seems to support both splits.


        I was able to flash my no name 17 inch RK3288 android tablet with this rom but I have 2 issues.
        1- It does not show anything in tablet's screen but when I plug the HDMI port to the tablet I can see Libreelec is correctly installed. How should I fix the lcd to show screen ?
        2- Wifi does not work.

        I have original image file *android) of the tablet (Android 5.0) . is it possible to extrat .dtb ot driver file or anything for lcd screen ? Please help me how to do this because I'm completely noob in this field !



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