Geekbuying 7th Anniversary with great Promotion!

Around the world, you can find a lot of online stores. But in short, one of the most loved by users is Geekbuying.
Not only because it has an impressive number of products that are in all categories, but also because it presents us with
great promotions. Freaktab and Geekbuying have been grown together so let us celebrate it!
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ut3s no power on

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    ut3s no power on

    so i bought a ut3s a while back.i gave it to my brother and he never really tried collected dust maybe for a year.i get it back without the power plug(he lost it)i try different power plugs and the unit doesnt seem to power up. its ut3s 2/16gb it dead?

    Ugoos power supply is rated for 3 amps at 5 volts. The tip polarity on the DC plug is tip positive(+). Does your replacement meet those specifications? Check to make sure the power supply's connector mates well with the UT3's power jack, specially the center pin.
    Hope you get it going.