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Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, i'm new to android tv, so i like to ask some question before i messup. I have a Beelink r68g (gigalan version).
    1) Can i assume that is the same hardware as tronsmart r68g? and therefore the firmware/images/roms are interchangeable?
    2) Can i aplly the same with other model grtom other vendors?
    3) I was playing the other day my first video, and from time to time i have moment where the screen goes black (one second). This happend or i have a problem with my device?
    4) After reading some post i see that there are some roms there, is someone mostly acclaimed? for now on i just whan to use kodi with 5.1 dts.
    5) For flashing the roms can i use tronsmart tools, i do not have anyone from beelink and i dont see any link in their page.
    Weel this is for now, i have more question, but later.
    Thanks everyone.

    ps: i was playing whit the file of the remote commands, na di lost the original, the files is in /system/usr/keylayout/ff680030_pwm.kl if someone can send me a copy i will apreciate.