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Smartphone as keyboard and mouse

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    Smartphone as keyboard and mouse


    I would like to use my Android Smartphone as a keyboard and mouse. The telecommand mouse emulation is not usable.

    I don't want a Kody mouse, I want an Android mouse and keyboard.

    Does someone has a soft to do this please?

    Thanks a lot

    oops, mis-read the OP ... apologies
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      Ideally, in general, one should be able to use a phone to provide any input, including virtual sensors to another Android device. I don't think Android has such API though and writing such apk may not be possible.
      But the idea is that you could use a phone, say, as steering wheel for a car race game on your media player. Or as GPS in Google Earth or Maps, and, as mouse, keyboard or touchscreen. All transparent for the media player.


        Currently using Smart IR Remote (the IR isn't just for IR either), it is basically Anymote, you can program multiple remotes to it, use it for media box, reciever, tv, and a tons of other items, the have preset ones in there also, there is a pay and a free, this app made my 5 remotes into 1 and it is completely programmable (yes from other remotes no listed, make you own), you can even program a single remote setup to control multiple items, the apps works great. I have no relation with the company nor am i trying to sell, I just use the remote app and it works great, I payed the $7 for the app, but used the free one to start and it works great. There is also Google Remote works, not as well as the other though (difficult to pair). Best of luck.

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          Thanks for the answers, but I'm looking for an app like this

          But it doesn't work for me, it doesn't find my Android box...


            Hi, I use RKRemoteControl app. I think that it was available on FreakTab.It works well and does not use IR, instead it uses your LAN network. I would upload it here but the file size limit is only 2MB. If you can not find a copy let me know I will try to post it somewhere.