I have some Application from the cable Company that demands that boxes are unrooted for them to run, and they are so incompatible to think so when i ask them about letting People With rooted devises be able to run their apps they dont even know what root are..

ANYWAY- When i go to Developer settings in wasser rom marshmallow on my R68G and turn off the root it says i need to reboot to make changes take effect.
OK- so i reboot and then only the boot flash meny comes up again - you know the
delete cache and system reset meny wich are in android boot meny.. in recovery..

And it wont get past that meny even after pulling the Power, even delete cache and system restore dont do anything.
It just boots to that meny and wont get past and back on.

Ive tried reflashing it 4 times but still the same error..

I am hoping someone else have tried that and have a fix for me or some idea to what to try Next..

Many thanks everyone..