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RK3128 with SV6051P Wireless Chipset: a wild UNICORN appeared

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    RK3128 with SV6051P Wireless Chipset: a wild UNICORN appeared

    The lust for projecting my Lumia 950XL (am masochist) and notebook screen to my dumb TV made me go from oblivious about Android TV boxes - and even Andoids in general - to knowing the basics of these devices of heaven and hell.

    Well, this same lust made me two boxes in this three day time frame. the first was a regular RK3229 MXQ-4K that I returned and got this little devil's sent box sitting on my lap.

    Lets keep in mind that the box case is exactly THE SAME of a regular MXQ-4K, but the system was different when I first plugged it into my TV. It had an MBOX splash rather than an android one, and Android 7.x(?) itself was super buggy. It seemed like it was modded so only the regular launcher would work with it. I installed SquareHome2 launcher (remember? masochist...) but it would crash every time I tried to open the app drawer or some other menus. I troubleshooted hard that piece of software and isolated the problem on android itself: it would not set wallpapers, and SquareHome2 was having a hard time if it was setted to use the system wallpaper. And, oh! The ******* system would ALWAYS ask me which launcher i'd like to use every time I even THINK about returning home. I had enough of its shenanigans and decided it was time to get rid of the default launcher, try to fix the android wallpaper thing and continue on setting up the box of wonders. Little I did know...

    Now, with the knowledge and tools I gathered on the last days I'm pretty confident i could easily unbrick the RK3229 back to it's former glory. That said because I managed to brick this pile of silicon, make it's controller(?) SMOKE in frustration while failing hard to do the 7-8 pins thing, seconds prior to succeeding to do the 7-8 pins thing and hours of going back and fourth with some random firmware until it hit me like a caaaaaanon baaaaaalll: I had to find the exact rock-paper-scissor-chip model firmware.

    VoilĂ : Kiwibox S1 Kitkat 4.4.4, no Wi-Fi, no It cant read SD cards, the remote control configuration all messed up, but the thing is alive and kicking.

    At first I was sure I burned some components, idk. But another handful of hours later I came to the conclusion the thing's Wi-Fi driver was wrong since I'm using a KIWIBOX S1 firmware on a god knows what device this thing identifies as.

    I named it GLaDOS NaME CORE before. NAT and Multimedia Entertainment. It made sense as my notebook is named GLaDOS, my router is the CLaDOS COMM CORE and my mobile's POTaTOS M950XL.

    You might be guessing Portal is my favorite game by now. You guessed wrong, dumb ass. It's the Metal Gear franchise.

    Back to devices named after Portal characters that makes you feel depressive because they make you feel depressive. Because no one likes you. You are adopted. You have no friends.

    I was wondering, minding baby steps, how can I change the thing's wireless driver, maybe throw an clean Nougat back at it and stuff. Because it seems like someone handmade this object of mental pain to directly distract me from moving forward in my life.

    So, who's excited about helping me with this horrendous task?
    Seriously, if someone could point me to maybe some Kernel Editing for Dummies it would be nice...

    Some fun info about the physical incarnation of all my hope and hatred:

    Chip: RK3128
    MOBO: R128Q_V2.0
    Date: 2017.07.25
    WiFi chipset: SV6051P
    Hours slept in the last three days: ~9

    Thank. You.


    Thank you.