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Beelink A1 TV Box - RK3328 Android 7.1 4/16GB Gig Lan Dual WiFi BT4

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    Beelink A1 TV Box - RK3328 Android 7.1 4/16GB Gig Lan Dual WiFi BT4

    Click image for larger version

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    Main Features:
    ● It runs on the Android 7.1, which is stable to use. You can connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with the box
    ● 4K VP9 can help you save 50 percent bandwidth resource, and deliver razor-sharp detail and vibrant images
    ● A high performance of Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU can play a wide range of games
    ● 2.4G / 5.8G WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 offer a more stable signal for you to enjoy higher quality video experience
    ● Support 5.1 surround sound output, capture your ears with actual listening feelings
    ● HDMI 2.0 is a faster way to send video and audio output to your TV

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    Hi ,

    4 GB ??? really , can the Chip really handle that ???

    nice Day / gefattern


      Can't see why not,
      I guess it just depends on how well it can handle it.

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        Today thanks to Gearbest we can have a look at the Beenlink A1
        Beelink A1 TV Box - RK3328 Android 7.1 4/16GB Gig Lan Dual WiFi BT4

        Small Unit that the cat tried to drag it away/flick on the floor many times, after the boxes lost there fun.

        A Rockchip 3328 CPU
        4GB plus 16GB storage.
        Dual Wifi, 2.4Ghz/5Ghz AC, 10/100/1000 lan and BT4
        So the Specs look good, previous 3328 have been ok let's hope this one can do the job

        Let's have a look at the unit or Part 1.

        The Box

        Look inside the Box Packed Well

        What's in the Box, and looks ok with the remote

        Look Around Clock in the Front, and ports

        Removed the base

        Couple of screws and out with the PCB, removed Pink thermal pad from CPU

        Large heatsink thermal Pad between CPU and Plate

        Interesting Wifi Antennae and Bits

        Close Look Under side

        More to come
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          Let's have a look around and see what we have
          Minor Quirk to start with...Google Play apps not compatible lots
          Aptoide is your friend, some apps run in Phone Mode and fail to rotate
          New firmware soon should fix

          Startup was good, setup of Google as expected easy

          Wifi easy as was ethernet I found here at this location.

          As mentioned Play store was not happy to give me apps most incompatible.

          Rest pretty much a 3328
          Have Root, No SU, No Upper or lower Bars, and the usual Launcher used by Beelink, it works it's ok.
          Temps Ok, 50 ~ 70c on peake with tests

          On with Tour or Part 2


          Play store Issue.

          Drm Info = None

          Ram and Storage Truth

          Antutu, Running reduced UI but full 1080 on screen

          Geekbench CPU

          More Info >

          Geekbench Compute

          CPU-Z, it is a 3328 just cpu-z not reading 100%

          A1 SD Bench, Ram Fair, Usb stick tested Both Ports.

          Not a Power house Unit as we know the Rk3328 is more for streaming etc and the usual social games.
          Much the same so far as other 3328,
          Need a little work at this stages, let's see how thing end up

          Again thanks Gearbest.
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            Hello! My Beelink A1 dont startet.. where Can i Download The Firmware? Nothing to find ... Greets


              New Firmware gone live today A1_704N0

              Mine updated via OTA Update.2 min to download and another few min to install


              1.The led brightness can be changed as you like when you go in the setting ;
              2.The navigation bar and status bar have been added now ;
              3.Some apps can be compatible with the google play store now ;
              4.The portrait layout apps have been shown in landscape when it runs ;
              5.The problem that the UI gets a crash when you press the 1/a button ;
              6.We have improved the stability of this system ;
              7.The OTA news has been sent to your android tv box already .

              Seems there's still some bugs as I can no longer go into settings/Display

              Edit.Flashed it via pc and Display is working (Ahh just had another OTA update
              705N0 & Display not working again)
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              • trebor
                trebor commented
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                Good to see...

              OTA worked I think, Time On screen (TV) not the same as box, something not happy
              Only thing I cant find as yet it Clock Adjust Brightness..
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              • blinkone
                blinkone commented
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                I did get that to work before the OTA update Its in setting/More setting /Display (Brightness right at the bottom)

                Did you just get the 705N0 OTA update too or the 704NO

              Was looking for Clock Display not just Display.
              Time on clock was no happy with our daylight saving time even tho its was set, redid setting for for time and appears to have come good

              Yep all Good then so far with OTA

              Upper and Lower
              And found the Clock thanks Blinky.

              Appears UI now working in 1080
              YT now 1080
              Still No DRM

              Looking ok

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                Clock appears the only quirk on Box when first turned on,
                Will be 1 hour out with actual time/clock shown on Screen,
                Into setting changed to another time Zone then Back again and clock found itself.
                Rest looking pretty good so far..
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                  New Firmware 705 is out.

                  Mine updated via OTA a few days back,Its good to see the updates coming fast I like it
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                    A1 706 OTA available

                    1, support exFAT file.
                    2, optimize Dolby & DTS audio.
                    3, support smb & nfs in mediacenter.
                    4, optimize skype video call.
                    5, external storage could be visited by the 3rd APP.
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                      New OTA available or Download

                      1. The problem that the Amazon prime video gets crash often has been solved already .
                      2. We have maken some changes to maintain this system .
                      3. You can get into the recovery mode when you click the recovery button .
                      4. The third -party apps could read more information about external storage to some degree .
                      5. Some shortcuts have been added to remote for popular demands , as the picture shows,

                      Push hash/pound key # then button on remote to make it happen, 1~4 pre-programmed

                      Click image for larger version

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                        First post here so I hope this is the right place to ask the following question:
                        Has anyone experienced internet speed throttling due to CPU when using a vpn service with this box?
                        When using other devices my speed through vpn is fine, but when i use it with the beelink A1(same servers and settings as other devices) the speed never goes beyond 10mbps. So I'm starting to think the issue is more hardware related than anything else after extensive testing.
                        Has anyone come across a similiar problem with this box? A perhaps have any recommendations on how to solve the issue?
                        Thank you for reading.


                          Hello anyone found out how to fix the dispaly clock ?